Monday, March 17, 2014

Barack & "Michael" Obama

You may recall the following post of mine from last year. The below video is relevant to the second to last line in my piece, and gives it some credence :)

If I took over Obama's body for one minute during a televised speech I would have him say these words: 

 "...Let me stop for a moment to be honest with you for once. I'm a pathological liar, a congenital anti-American who is unfit to be president of the Greatest country in the history of the world. I resign Immediately as president, No Matter What I may say after this. I Repeat, No Matter What I may Say After This. And my entire administration must resign as well. If you Knew the crimes we've committed, the articles of impeachment would make Obamacare -which Must be repealed ASAP- look like a mere pamphlet. Forgive me, Americans, you are a Great people with a Great heritage that my envy could not accept until this moment. You Truly do Not deserve the government you currently have. To my supporters, I say, Read Atlas Shrugged, read and reread it for the rest of your lives. Oh, and I'm an atheist with a hard spot for Islam who pretended to be Christian for political reasons ... and Michele used to be a man!... and I Love You, Bill Ayers!"

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James said...

His real wife is probably named Michael. That's why. Bathhouse Barry is his alleged nickname.