Tuesday, March 04, 2014

I'll Be Guest Hosting for Amy Peikoff This Friday

If you don't know, I'm a regular contributor to Amy Peikoff's show, Don't Let It Go…Unheard, and I'll be hosting the show by myself this Friday, March 7th, 2014 between 3-5pm Eastern time. You can listen live here and help me try to hold down the fort by engaging in the chat room and by calling in as well. Hope to have you there. Thanks


menosuno said...

Good luck!!

Bosch Fawstin said...


James Dahl said...

I enjoyed your hosting of DLIGU; just finished the podcast. The barrage of phone calls at the end starting with the person who self-identified as The Angry Jew was nothing less than bizarre! You handled it with more patience and less exasperation than would I! I want to again express as I did on Twitter how enormously important it is to identify and properly define the adversary that is Islam. At some point, I got the impression that you thought I was trying to goad you into supporting indiscriminate violence, so I stopped the thread. What is important, however, is to recognize that even non-Muslim Muslims don't have a philosophy of tolerance. They have been raised in a milieu of hatred and irrationality. There will be no "moderate" Muslim to stand up against jihad, because he hasn't been made in today's Islam. So, thanks Bosch; great job - looking forward to what boils your blood!

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks for listening and chiming in, James. In terms of a Muslims, here's my position, from my piece - My Name is Bosch and I'm a Recovered a Muslim:

For those who want to make this about Muslims and not Islam, here are some of my thoughts on that:

First, my name is Bosch and I’m a recovered Muslim, so I have some insight into this, coupled with the fact that I studied Islam as if my life depended on it after 9/11.

There is Islam and there are Muslims. Muslims who take Islam seriously are at war with us and Muslims who don’t aren’t. But that doesn’t mean we should consider these reluctant Muslims allies against Jihad. I’ve been around Muslims my entire life and most of them truly don’t care about Islam. The problem I have with many of these essentially non-Muslim Muslims, especially in the middle of this war being waged on us by their more consistent co-religionists, is that they give the enemy cover. They force us to play a game of Muslim Roulette since we can’t tell which Muslim is going to blow himself up until he does. And their indifference about the evil being committed in the name of their religion is a big reason why their reputation is where it is.

So while I understand that most Muslims are not at war with us, they’ve proven in their silence and inaction against jihad that they’re not on our side either, and there’s nothing we can say or do to change that. We just have to finally accept it and stop expecting them to come around, while doing our best to kill those who are trying to kill us.

Another problem with Muslims who aren’t very Muslim is that they lead some among us to conclude that they must be practicing a more enlightened form of Islam. They’re not. They’re “practicing” life in non-Muslim countries, where they are free to live as they choose. But their “Islam” is not the Islam. There’s no separate ideology apart from Islam that’s being practiced by these Muslims in name only, there’s no such thing as “Western Islam”.

Non-observant Muslims are not our problem, but neither are they the solution to our problem. Our problem is Islam and its most consistent practitioners. There is nothing in Islam that stays the hand of Muslims who want to kill non-Muslims. If an individual Muslim is personally peaceful, it’s not because of Islam, it’s because of his individual choice, which is why I often say that your average Muslim is morally superior to Mohammad, to their own religion. The very rare Muslim who helps us against Jihad is acting against his religion, but that doesn’t stop some among us from thinking that his choice somehow shines a good light on Islam. It doesn’t. A good Muslim according to us is a bad Muslim according to Islam.