Monday, March 10, 2014

Marvel's Willful Ignorance About Islam Doesn't Stop Them From Promoting It

In this interview, Marvel senior vice president of publishing, Tom Brevoort, said the following about their "Muslim superhero" comic book: 

"I would be a terrible editor for "Ms. Marvel" because that is not a culture I understand anything about. I just don't have the background in it -- I'd have to research it. I could do that, but it would be clinical research. It's not genuine. It’s not my experiences. But the folks working on that title (Muslim editor/writer) have that experience, and bring it to the project."

So I had a tweet exchange with Brevoort about it. 

I responded with this.

It continues

UPDATE: Here was our follow up

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menosuno said...

With that kind of argumente, He could publish with no problem, anythhing... disgusting.

AE said...

Oh, trust me, he knows about Islam, or Ms Marvel wouldn't exist. What he nor anyone else on this planet doesn't know or recognize is the spurious Islamic World their creating in Ms Marvel. What a cop out. Coward.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Maybe, or maybe he's just playing CYA for when the truth about Islam breaks out into the mainstream, and he can point and say, "I knew Nothing." Won't work, but that might be his plan.

Tanya Hyde said...

A genuinely pathetic response from the kind of man who thinks he's saving the rainforests by wearing bracelets made of multi-coloured beads.

Jingoism is a term applied to petty nationalistic rivalries, and Islam is neither a country nor a race.

Amaroq said...

He just dismissed you and the others again with the "jingoist rhetoric" claim.

Nerberg said...

What a tool.