Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Why Don't Muslims Take On Jihadists?


Unknown said...

I agree with you, Bosch. I am soon to be of 61 years and am truly amazed at all of the sheep that the USA has amassed in terms of illiteracy, indifference, embracing of political lies and myths, an irrational embracing of racial politics and support of ethnic strife, and the masses of simply stupid....comfortably stupid (I must say!) people that should not be allowed to vote. As a personal note, I had a buddy, Akbar, back in college @ Old Dominion University, who was an Iranian Shi'ite who knew the gig was up when the Shah came down! Like you, me, and others, he knew B.S. when it was present. I have a few of your graphics, some taped inside Pelican boxes, when I transit through airports and other public forms of venue (especially Pigman pulling on the beard....and the sight of the NYC towers and the ref to the "religon of peace"). You are a good man and I support your philosophy and what you advocate. Islam is no good for anyone except those who want to engage in command-and-control initiatives. Thank you, Bosch!

Gary "I treat everybody the same" Callihan

Bosch Fawstin said...

Gary, thanks for your thoughts and your kind words, I really appreciate it.