Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Brandeis University's New Logo

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Brandeislam University

Reveals Themselves as Racists for Reneging on Honoring a Black Female African, Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

Not Only does reveal themselves to be enemies of ideological diversity, but Racists as well 4 reneging on honoring a black female

The ONLY Reason . Reneged on Honoring Ayaan Hirsi Ali is Because They Found Out She Was Black.

Refuses To Honor Black Woman

Racist Brandeis University Reneges on Honoring a Black African Female TruthTeller

"Only reason ppl criticize Obama is b/c he's black"
"Oh,so the Only reason reneged on honoring AyaanHirsiAli is b/c she's black"

says they reject 's statements on islam b/c they're inconsistent w/their "core values". No, b/c they're True.

Calling Evil Evil is inconsistent with 's "core values".

UPDATE: Here's Ayaan Hirsi Ali on FOX News talking about it.


Aaron's cc: said...

The Hebrew word should have the first letter removed.

The word aleph-mem-tet is "emet" or "truth".

Removing the aleph makes it just "met", which means "death". It is cognate of "mate" as in "check-mate", which is derived from a saying that the king or shah/sheikh is dead.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you, I was told that I should remove them all because they spell out truth, but the word death would be more appropriate here. Thanks.