Sunday, April 06, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier Review

As you may know, I take part in Amy Peikoff's weekly show, Don't Let it Go Unheard. On this past Friday's show, we had a spoiler-filled review of the new Captain America movie. Listen to it here

Let me add: Right after 9/11, I knew I would be responding to the atrocity with a comic book story and the first character I thought of was Captain America. But being that I was an unknown cartoonist, and that Marvel would never Dare take on jihad in any honest way, I let that thought go by the wayside. So I started thinking about the enemy, what it hates, what it fears, and that's when I came up with Pigman. And here's my homage to Captain America in The Infidel #1, with Pigman finding and using a discarded crescent shield in al Qaeda's tunnels.

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