Monday, April 07, 2014

Hail Hydra

If a statist is cut down, two more will take its place.

I was thinking about the new Captain America movie - if you haven't seen it, read no further - and the connection between the villain of the film, played by Robert Redford - and Obama's long time friend, Terrorist Bill Ayers. Ayers had a dream of murdering 25 million Capitalists & Redford (who made a love letter of a movie about Ayers' terrorist group, The Weather Underground) plays a character in the film who wants to murder 20 million people who might get in the way of the "order" he dreams of imposing on the world. Would you be friends with a terrorist who dreams of murdering 25 million Americans? Barack Obama is. (He's never repudiated Ayers) Obama had his political coming out party at Ayers' home. They headed a leftist school together in Chicago and Obama may have had his first book written by Ayers. 

Here's my piece on the Obama/Ayers connection, and my piece on Robert Redford's Terrorist Heroes

Also, listen to Amy Peikoff's and my review of Captain America: Winter Soldier. And we're also going to talk about it on Friday's show as well.

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Ceres Navin said...

What better than Captain America viewed in Los Angeles? We shall see.