Monday, April 21, 2014

IslaMarvel Qomiqs

UPDATE: While Marvel is promoting Islam during a time when Muslims are killing non-Muslims Every Single Day, a man in Philadelphia was sentenced to 5 years in prison for his role in a plot to kill a cartoonist. The would be killer's name is Mohammad Hassan Khalid, a Pakistani immigrant, like the family of Marvel's "Muslim superhero", Ms. Marvel. No doubt Marvel will have their "Muslim superhero" take on this story to prove the would-be Muslim killer has Nothing to do with Islam … & Islam means peace.

Marvel's "Muslim superhero", Ms. Marvel, is a way for its female Muslim editor and female Muslim writer to make themselves feel better about being part of the most misogynistic ideology on earth, and for Marvel to try to one-up DC's Islamophilia, for "diverstity" reasons. And they "empowered" the character in the latest issue, Ms. Marvel #3, by having her question an Imam about a women's second class place at mosque (the most unrealistic moment in this fantasy comic so far.). The series sucks, but I'm reading it as a watchdog for a medium I love and the propaganda being shoveled by Marvel can't go unchallenged.


Joe Maurone said...

Huh; I'm from Philly, and don't ever recall that story coming up in the local news...surprise, surprise, surprise...

Bacon Crisis said...

I don't know how much of that Ms Marvel will be popular with the geeks, but I've realized a large majority of them are utterly ignorant about their own history and even more about islam, so maybe they’ll jump in the useful idiots bandwagon. If they’re not praising it as some exotic culture, they’ll brush it away with a co-exist bumper sticker and dismiss any warning as warmongering.

On Tumblr you'll find Wonder woman “fan art” - I put it brackets because it’s not what I would call fan art which should respect the source material - like these I laughed out loud, they clearly have no idea what islam is and in the end don’t care about the character either. I’m no connoisseur of that comic but I’m sure Wonder woman is totally incompatible with islam, like anything that isn’t from islam.

I think eventually instead of trying to change their mind, which I found impossible so far, it’ll be more productive to create an entire parallel pop culture that disses islam to oppose the main stream one, and people will chose their side.