Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Obama Came Clean Today

During a speech today, Obama did something he's never done before. He told the truth:

"...Let me stop for a moment to be honest with you for once. I'm a pathological liar, a congenital anti-American who is unfit to be president of the Greatest country in the history of the world. I resign Immediately as president, No Matter What I may say after this. I Repeat, No Matter What I may Say After This. And my entire administration must resign as well. If you Knew the crimes we've committed, the articles of impeachment would make Obamacare -which Must be repealed ASAP- look like a mere pamphlet. Forgive me, Americans, you are a Great people with a Great heritage that my envy could not accept until this moment. You Truly do Not deserve the government you currently have. To my supporters, I say, Read Atlas Shrugged, read and reread it for the rest of your lives. Oh, and I'm an atheist with a hard spot for Islam who pretended to be Christian for political reasons ... and Michele used to be a man!... and I Love You, Bill Ayers!"

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Ceres Navin said...

Had your hearing checked? Excellent!