Friday, September 19, 2014

From The State Department to The Islamic State Department

UPDATE Jan 25, 2015: pos head of The Islamic State Department, John Qerry, now says “The biggest error we could make would be to blame Muslims for crimes…that their faith utterly rejects." The "biggest error", he says. No, you Islam Bitch, the biggest error, at least since 9/11/01, is giving Islam- the enemy's ideology-the benefit of the doubt. Below are the other times that this creature has sold us out to the enemy's religion. Story here.

UPDATE: Nov. 18, 2014: The US (Islamic) State Department asks (the morally superior) UAE why it labeled Hamas-linked CAIR a terrorist organization

UPDATE: March 30, 2015- Reporter tweets that John Kerry said that a nuclear deal with Iran (whatever the hell that means) is possible, If Allah Wills it, "Inshallah".

UPDATE: Nov. 17, 2015: Now this scumbag justifies the Charlie Hebdo Massacre. 

Read here, here & here.

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