Saturday, September 06, 2014

It's Islamic State, Not "Islamist State"

Stealth Jihadists are bitching about ISIS, saying that they're "tarnishing" Islam. The truth about Islam tarnishes Islam, and the truth is that ISIS is Fully answering the question "What Would Mohammad Do?"

A member of the stealth jihad group, CAIR, (Council of American Islamic Relations, of which 5 former members are currently in prison for terrorism-related charges) is pulling the old "Islam has nothing to do with" bs regarding Islamic State, but now even going so far as saying that not only is Islamic State "Un-Islamic, but Anti-Islamic". These stealth jihadists really hate when their violent co-religionists make their job of fooling us about Islam harder for them. Here's Robert Spencer at Jihad Watch, dissecting the Islamic bs.

It's time to bring out the crayons again...

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