Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Islam's Got Your Tongue, Mark Levin?

On his show a few days ago, Mark Levin mentioned the heinous horrors of ISIS and then a guy calls in and says something along the lines of Islam's got to change and that Muslims need to have their come to Jesus moment, (not the most articulate or knowledgeable speaker, but the gist was that there's a problem with Islam) and Levin stops him cold and calls his comments "provocative" & that they might offend his "patriotic" Muslim listeners.

So the way you get one of the best voices for freedom on the radio to shut up about Islam is by saying you're a Muslim listener. I can see devious Muslims doing just that to get this very reaction from Levin. But let's say they are what Levin says they are. If Levin took the time to study Islam- something I figured such a well-read American would have done by now, post-9/11- he'd learn that a good Muslim by Our standards is a bad Muslim by Islamic standards. So how Muslim is one who regularly listens to a patriotic American Jew like Levin who unapologetically defends Israel? 

My main point is that Levin will protect a great evil like Islam- without knowledge or argument- solely on the basis that some listeners of his claim to follow the religion, during a time when Islam's true believers are on the warpath in a nuclear age. I've said it before, but I'd take the sleazy leftist Bill Maher over Rush Limbaugh or Levin, etc., Any day if I needed a debate partner against Muslims and Islamophiles. On this one major issue, Maher is scrupulously honest, while Rush and Levin are not.

P.S. Has anyone ever heard one of Levin's "patriotic Muslim" listeners call in and say, "Mark, your defense of America and Israel was beautiful!" ?

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