Sunday, September 07, 2014

Will The West's Epitaph be "We Were Better Than Them" ?

The Obama administration, in the words of the wretched John Kerry, just told us that the United States of America will destroy Islamic State in a year. Or two. Or three. In other words: or never. (Which Islamic terrorist group has been destroyed so far?) My accompanying drawing is the epitaph to the kind of "thinking" that has infected and endangered the entire West.

The idea that the way we prove our moral superiority to savages is by us Not wiping them off the face of the earth, at a time where nuclear weapons exist and can fall into their hands. The idea that we should treat with respect a part of the world that's at war with us in every possible way, who celebrates the mass murder of innocent human beings, and we can't even muster up the sense to name their ideology by its name, Islam. And that reluctance to call Islam by its name includes even the best among us, to my endless frustration. Then there are those in power today who no doubt believe--with all their hearts and none of their minds--that it is better to die than to kill, even if it's to kill mass murderers hell-bent on our destruction. And the endless understanding that is afforded to a hostile people whose subtext is "Stop killing us for murdering you!" We're living in The Age of Madness.

As an individual example of our suicidal mindset in the West, there was a creature on MSNBC today who didn't hesitate to openly express that she took exception to someone calling Islamic State "wild animals". The Only exception to take is that one shouldn't insult wild animals by comparing them to Islamic State scum. It's not righteousness that leads creatures like this to come to the defense of monsters, but a self-destructive moral vanity that, if not thoroughly repudiated and replaced -at least within the realm of power and influence- has the potential to get us all killed.

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Bosch Fawstin said...

I just added this on Facebook, along the lines of this piece:

Western leaders have shown that they can live with the mass murders of its citizens. What they've also shown is that they can't live with the truth that Islam is motivating those mass murders.