Monday, November 24, 2014

GOP vs Ted Cruz

Mark Levin just posted this Breitbart story from June on Facebook after this damning report just hit. And here's my cartoon from last year, alluding to just that. The more the establishment fights The Tea Party, the stronger they make The Tea Party. They fought Reagan and he ended up having two back to back landslides. And they're such sore losers that they want to make sure nothing like that ever happens again, even if it means they're the beneficiaries of those landslides, because they know they played no part in them, that it had Everything to do with one individual, not the party. The GOP is dead. It's lead by Statist Quo republicans and they're going to pay a major price for betraying the reason people used to vote for them.

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Traeh said...

Cool drawings, as always.

From the Hesperado website, a neat idea -- a sort of Clark Kent character who pretends to be a "moderate" Muslim, but regularly sneaks off and disguises himself to become Supermuslim, who engages in militant jihad for Islamic law:

"My bright idea for Bosch at this point would be the creation of a new comic super antihero calculated to highlight my above-mentioned concern about the problem of the Moderate Muslim. Perhaps riff off of the gold standard of the comic superhero, and call the new character Supermuslim -- a blatantly extremist Muslim super-villain who wreaks the usual mayhem, misery & mass-murder that mainstream Islam has been fomenting for centuries right up to our present day -- and his alter ego: the mild-mannered Islamic Clark Kent, Moderate Muslim.

Alternately, the character vacillates from the one to the other, and the Western Mainstream, naturally, is nary the wiser as to the identity of the two as one person. When he's Supermuslim (aka "Saladin Akbar"), he beats his chest like Anjem Choudry and perpetrates super-terrorism around the world with his Mohammedan minions. When he disguises himself as his mild-mannered self, Moderate Muslim (aka "Sal Snackbar"), he dons glasses, Western attire, takes off his fake beard, and goes to work as a liberal professor in a Western college, teaching his classes about peaceful Islam and the golden age of Andalus, and regularly giving press interviews about how terrorism has "nothing to do with Islam"."