Wednesday, November 12, 2014

"The World's First Anti-Jihad Comic Artist"

As far as me being "The world's first anti-jihad comic artist", here's my breakdown: For the record, I created Pigman ten years ago, 2004, and I used to draw individual illustrations and cartoons of him on my blog. In 2005, I debuted him at the San Diego Comic-Con at my booth in a single sheet that had the words: When Will Comics Take On Jihad? with the accompanying image of Pigman flying, as if to answer- When Pigman Flies. Then came Matamoros in 2007, a comic book against jihad by Darius LaMonica & John Cox. And then I released my print companion to The Infidel, ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad in 2009. I then I released The Infidel #1 in march of 2011 (#2 in June of 2012 - & now, #3 next month) and then Frank Miller's Holy Terror was released in Sept. of 2011. So, yes, technically, I am the "the world's first anti-jihad comic artist". I thought that was worth noting, as I didn't say all this in my interview on The Glazov Gang when I was referred to in that way.

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