Tuesday, December 23, 2014

My Art Ripped Off Again

Another day, another piece of art of mine ripped off and used without attribution. This artwork of mine was from page 13, panel 8 from my comic book, The Infidel #1, and they changed the color. I've used my panel on my blog as well, so that's where they likely took it from. It's very likely a gag of a toy, as I can't imagine a toy company actually producing that in a world where "Islam means peace" is peddled as much as it is, especially in Europe. As you may know, this has happened to me a number of times, and I've even had my name removed from my drawings before the thieves posted them online. It pisses me off, and I'm not flattered. I put a lot into my work and I'm still a struggling artist, no matter what some may think. Here's the latest example below, where a Facebook friend of mine gave me the heads up, presumably not aware that it was mine, thinking I'd like it. As I've written, imitation without attribution is Not the highest form of flattery. In most cases, my art has been used untouched, in other cases, my art's been altered and my design has been swiped. Here are some other examples of people ripping off my art from the past.

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