Sunday, January 11, 2015

Chuck (Molly) Norris

UPDATE: Check out my offer to draw Mohammad for you.

My 2010 cartoon on Molly Norris, the cartoonist who started and quickly abandoned "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day."

What I wrote then: I share Mark Steyn’s thoughts on Molly Norris, The Seattle Times cartoonist who started “Everybody Draw Mohammad Day”, and then abandoned it at the first sign of trouble

She understood for a brief moment that we must draw the line against this enemy, but now, as one of her former colleagues puts it, “there is no more Molly.” 


briehab said...

Hi, Brie Ripley here, student writer for the Seattle Globalist ( I'm writing a story on Molly Norris and discovered your comic. May I have your permission to include this comic in my article? I'll be sure to credit you and include a direct hyperlink to your original work. I won't be making any money from the article, and should I happen to, I'll be certain to inform you right away (one can only hope to manifest money, of course).

Please email me at if I have your permission. Thank you so much!

Charlie Alvarez said...

When will there be another Muhammad Cartoon Contest like the one in Texas? That stroke of genius drew those 2 Arizona Jihadists out of the woodwork, so they could be exterminated like the cockroaches they are.

That was a great strategy and we Americans need to have more of those