Wednesday, February 18, 2015

"Islamic Jihad and Western Faith"

I drew the cover for the latest issue of The Objective Standard that visualizes an article that takes on an aspect of the war we rarely, if ever, discuss. The digital edition will be available February 20 and the print edition soon.


AE said...

Great job, Bosch.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thank you

Sajid said...

I am curious to read the article, but the illustration looks completely disconnected from what is actually happening on the ground.

The American military did not submit to Islamic Mujahideen, but instead launched two wars that completely decimated two governments and the Al Qaeda terrorist organization.

The rise of ISIS and the continued problem of Muslim terrorism is not due to Western submission or "dhimmism" or what have you. It is due to the failure of Western governments to confront the root cause of religious violence, which is the absence of a secular government and a secular education system.

Even Objectivism fails when it comes to the problem of dealing with Jihadism. The USA had the chance, for ten plus years, in both Afghanistan and Iraq, to build a government that separated mosque from state and to fund an education system based on modern, secular values.

Instead, they spent all their money building bunker style embassies and arming local warriors with American weapons, giving no thought to the ideology those warriors would actually be fighting for.

The last time there was a power vacuum in the Middle East was when the Russians left Afghanistan. The Taliban and Al Qaeda filled that particular vacancy. When the Americans left Iraq, ISIS filled the gap. I wonder what will fill the void when the Americans leave Afghanistan.

But somehow, you still think one of the main problems is Western "submission" to Islamic Mujahideen.

Unfortunately, the illustration says more about you and your agenda than about The Middle East. You need reasons for your Pigman to go on another rampage and this is just another one of them. Western capitulation to Islamic Mujahideen just isn't the major issue here, no matter how you look at the conflict.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Read the article.

Yocheved Menashe, B.A.A.S., M.A. said...

Nothing has changed much since the Middle Ages.

And, commenter Sajid would have more credence if we knew where his "here" referenced, and if there were something in his blog to identify him. מי אני roughly translates my self.

I.M Fletcher said...

Oops, formatting -

Well, without having read the article yet (which doesn't seem to have been posted at the time of writing), I can only offer my opinion based on the image/topic.

And that is, if it weren't for the forces of Christendom and the Crusades (initiated by Pope Urban), then Islam would most likely already have taken over. It is through that pushback that the West was saved. Now, It is modern leaders, like Obama, who are most at fault in the modern West for not taking Islam seriously and trying to placate Muslims by excusing their poor behavior on lack of jobs, Western imperialism/colonialism, and goodness knows what else.

Obama is a fool, and will most likely be remembered as the leader who helped to lead the West to ruin; a modern Nero, who instead of playing the fiddle while Rome burned, golfed while the Middle East (and hopefully not the West) burned.

Sajid said...

I just read the article. It is the same old Objectivist position of "topple Iran and Saudi at any cost, including the use of nuclear weapons, and champion reason instead of faith."

At this point, Objectivism should stop calling itself a philosophy of reason. No champion of reason ever called for annihilation using nuclear weapons, instead of building secular schools or using diplomacy to transition to a secular system of government.

Moreover, Biddle misunderstands the idea of religion and thinks that reason can replace it. If that were true, 83% of Americans would not still be religious.

Reason is a means for understanding the world, but religion gives men a reason to live. Biddle's Reason is just a means to an end. The power of religion is that it provides an end in itself to the people who believe in it.

The entire premise and argumentation of the article is grotesquely wrong. The worst part is how dangerous the article is. An Objectivist United States foreign policy, consistently applied, would cause far more death and destruction around the world than ISIS could ever dream of.

Yet, this is what passes for "reason", "purpose" and "self-esteem" these days.

Sajid said...

@Yocheved Menashe:

My name is Sajid and I am a 33 year old American citizen living in the United Arab Emirates.

I am not sure how that increases or decreases my credibility.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Sajid, you should try thinking.

david young said...

Sajid ~
I haven't read the article, so my comments are based solely on my reading of the conversation thread here.
I think your analysis of the West's recent interactions with the Mideast is probably on target. Certainly secularization of the public sphere would've been more likely to bring peaceful democratization than merely playing a short game of Mideast Whack-a-Mole.
Yours seems to be a voice of reason well-tempered by education and real-world experience. Kudos, and Thanx.

Bosch ~
Congrats on winning the MoPics contest. I agree that, especially here in the USA, we need to tell homicidal fanatics (of any ilk) who try to gag us with fear to go to hell.
It would probably be a little better to have a contest soliciting drawings of any and all religious icons (Buddha, Vishnu, Jesus, Moroni, Thor, Darwin, Freud, Gates, Marx, the Tooth Fairy, etc., in addition to Mohammed) in order to distinguish our love of the dignity and rights of Man from what it could too easily be confused with...a hate of particular men and women.

loshilikes said...

Sajid is right about his comments. Instead of arming people and make them fight each other, westerns should help them come out of misery by building schools( that is where people learn the right and wrong) and give them a chance to manage their own resources. Because of the fundamentalist religion, there is a sectarian fight in Middle East where Shiites fight Sunnites, and where a life of a man cost less then the one of an animal. The western is leading the world we live today, by managing United Nations(Council of Security is composed by USA, Britain, France, Russia, China). I think cartoonists should not be bothered doing their job. Even the cruelest regime like the one of Enver Hoxha, did not forbid the satire (We had a magazine Hosteni) where the bad things of government and society were reflected in this magazine