Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Throw Jihadists Into the Fire They Started

ISIS just burned one of their prisoners alive, on video. Until we Ruthlessly defend ourselves by doing to this enemy what is currently considered unthinkable, these kinds of atrocities will continue, unabated. I'm not a soldier, and even if I were, my government wouldn't allow me to do to the enemy what needs to be done. So as an artist, I take on the enemy through my superhero, Pigman, to Show what needs to be done to this enemy. This image is from The Infidel print companion, ProPiganda: Drawing the Line Against Jihad.

Also, radio host Mark Levin just showed, once again, how his use of the term "IslamoNazism" has made him believe that this Islamic horror began with Nazism, as he actually referred to this atrocity as being part of "Adolph Hitler's legacy". It's embarrassing. Islamic Jihad, begun by Mohammad, has been murdering human beings for over a Thousand years before Hitler did. And as a friend of mine perfectly put it, posting on Levin's link: "I'm pretty sure that Jihadists did this sort of thing long before Hitler. It might be more correct to say that he was part of their legacy." Here's my full argument against Islamisnomers.

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William Nauenburg said...

The End Is Nigh...For The Jihadists.