Thursday, March 19, 2015

Starbucks is Racist

That's for their obnoxious "Race Together" campaign, where they're foisting a race lecture onto customers who only want coffee. The reason this "national conversation on race" hasn't taken place yet is because there's no such conversation to be had. Race means nothing. I repeat, race means nothing, no matter what racists and alleged anti-racists say. It only means something to racists, whether they see other races as inferior to their own or if they see their race as superior to others. Then there are white leftists and black racists who see white skin as inherently racist, which leads to the ugly idea that black racism is acceptable, while only white racism is intolerable. And if you want to understand how committed racists are to seeing America as racist, notice their reaction when you state the fact that institutionalized racism in America is a thing of the past (other than what Obama and Holder have been able to "accomplish"). Here are a few of my tweets in response to this inanity on the part of Starbucks:


Principlex said...

A black friend and I have been meeting at Starbucks every Sunday morning for months. This Sunday we will not be going back. Their campaign which really assumes their customers to be racist is disgusting to the extreme.

Bosch Fawstin said...

It's as ugly as it gets, and I hope they take a hit.