Friday, May 08, 2015

My Interviews on Winning Mohammad Contest & The Jihadist Attack in Garland, Texas

Here are all of my media appearances having to do with the Mohammad Cartoon Contest and Jihadist Attack. And here's a radio interview I did with Tammy Bruce . I also did interviews with,  Truth RevoltWND,  The Objective Standard & The Undercurrent. And here is an interview I did on the Just Right radio show, a month after Garland.

And here was my speech before Jihadists struck.

And here's my latest interview, two weeks after the Garland contest/attack, with Tom Trento


And here's my appearance on FOX News's Red Eye

And here's my appearance on Stossel  


drrunkmann said...

Skanderberg II, you are the real "Praizeworthy."

You are just wrong about gun control (NY?): you can't have the 1st without the 2nd!

Bosch Fawstin said...

thank you, but google my name and the second amendment and "gun control" to find out my position

J Adams said...

You'd have more interviews by the media, but since a story involving the winning cartoonist from Geller's contest should include an image of your winning drawing of Muhammad, reporters are afraid to talk to you on camera. It's very telling, gross cowardice and shameful conduct for American journalists. JMHO

livingengine said...

Donald Trump has a Sharia Problem

G Yeary said...

Bosch, I had the pleasure of attending the Draw Mo event in Garland. Great evening until it was over. I left immediately after and was one vehicle behind the shooters. End result I spent a very long night with the FBI and Garland Police as a material witness. Keep fighting the good fight sir. You are very talented and are unique in your ability to educate the world about islam one drawing at a time.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, fellow survivor. I appreciate it.