Thursday, May 21, 2015

My Post-Garland Interview with The Objective Standard

My prize-winning Mohammad cartoon.
Biddle: Let me begin by asking what went through your head when you heard that shots had been fired at the Garland event?
Fawstin: I was on somewhat of a high, having just won the $12,500 award and standing on a stage with Pamela Geller, Robert Spencer, and Geert Wilders. I was in the middle of an interview with CNN when my friend told me shots were fired. Now, I understand the threat we face—I’ve studied Islam as if my life depended on it after 9/11—but being in the middle of an actual jihadist attack was . . . I can’t find the words . . . surreal seems too easy, but it was just the latest reminder that this enemy—one our government could have long defeated by now—is getting to us in ways it never has before, because our government has not done its job in defeating it.
Biddle: Some people, such as Bill O’Reilly, say that publishing cartoons of Muhammad is pointlessly provocative, and that you and the organizers of the Garland event were asking for trouble. What’s your response to that?
Fawstin: Bill O’Reilly is a buffoon. He’s so far removed from the reality that we’re at war, that Islam is the motivation behind that war, and that Muslims are on the warpath, that his only concern seems to be about the feelings of Muslim “folks.” And he reserves all of his criticism for a woman (where are the “sexist” charges against her critics?), Pamela Geller, who showed more courage on that one night in Garland than O’Reilly ever has. The event was necessarily provocative to Muslims and Islamophiles who would censor us in the name of sharia—in other words, in the name of protecting them from experiencing their baseless emotions.
I really enjoyed the interview, as it allowed me an opportunity to put things in a way I really haven't before. Read the whole interview here


PRODOS said...

Read this interview earlier today.

Very insightful.

My favourite, most though-provoking lines ...


... in place of their mind, there’s only Islam.


... most Muslims ... don’t allow and need not allow Islam to dehumanize them; they still retain their humanity. Unfortunately, they’re offered up as proof that Islam is just fine.


I see an enemy further emboldened by what I call the scumedia, who are dying to tell offended Muslims the opposite of “I’m Spartacus”: “I’m Not Pamela Geller!”


... our government has not done its job in defeating it (Islam/Jihad).



Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Prodos

RevGC said...

I am glad that others perceive Bill O'Reilly as a buffoon. I believe that he is another example of a self-promoting individual that believes that his utterances and his remarkable insight, collectively packaged and delivered with the demeanor of a pontificating fool, are totally valid, irrefutable, and should be viewed as treasured homilies by us...the peasants. If Bill had a brother, it would be Barack!

I am Gary Callihan, approve of this brief literary masterpiece, and fully support all engaged in exercising their rights with respect to the 1st Amendment....espcially Geert, Bosch, Pamela, Robert....Gary!