Wednesday, May 06, 2015

The Jihad on Free Speech

I won both the People's Choice Award and the Top Prize Award for AFDI's Mohammad Cartoon Contest, and I had the honor to stand with Robert Spencer, Geert Wilders and Pamela Geller in defense of Free Speech. Some of the reports about the attack that happened not long after this photo was taken actually used the words "two were left dead" after the attack. As if the two were innocent human beings and Not would-be mass murdering Muslims who were shot dead quickly before they were able to do more than shoot a security guard in the leg. The scumedia seems to be hitting a new low in its response to the attack and in its smears of those involved with the event, with many of them refusing to even show my winning cartoon below. I can go on, but the last few days have been taxing and I need to get back to work on The Infidel #3, which will be coming very soon. In the meantime, check out Diana West's response here.


AE said...

Congratulations, Bosch!

It's those practicing free speech that need to be protected; it's those that have a problem with free speech that are the problem; it's those that are willing to kill to silence free speech that are the enemy.

Keep up the good work. Looking forward to The Infidel 3.

Yocheved Menashe, B.A.A.S., M.A. said...

Well done, Bosch! Isn't Jihad and free speech and oxymoron?

chopper sicballs said...

i'm thinking about getting it tattooed across my forehead.

Thanks again Brother!!


lenbilen said...

If "You cannot draw me" means fiefdom

then "That's why I draw you" is wisdom.

This Bosch Fawstin cartoon

does Muhammad lampoon.

Islam means to stamp out all freedom.

Roger Stockham said...

Dearest Global Patriot Bosch - of all your fans I intend, with this, to initiate my becoming your greatest fan and ally. I took my Muslim shahada forty years ago in an Indonesian prison where I was radicalized as a jihadist with a mission to return to the U.S. and do exactly as I have: just enter either of my names in a search and you will find over 128 entries about my jihad - the most convenient is on Wikipedia.
In my first post here I mention being apostate - well I would like you to know and trust that I have every intention of using my well-established notoriety to become the world's loudest Muslim apostate, and will announce to all Muslims that they can do their best with a fatwa against me because my new Faith promises that the Real God will protect me - to hell with theirs.
I have written extensively against Islam and would love to share some of it with you in a different format, if you'd be willing to share your email adrs? Mine is, and my cell # is 802/557-1242 - I would be deeply honored to speak with you, even if only briefly.
Pamela won't deal with me, and even sent back a donation I made because of my bomb plot conviction against the Dearborn mosque in 2011. I respect the standards she must maintain for her work - but I pray you will be more open/flexible in dealing with me. Ther is so much we can accomplish together - I promise.
Roger Stockham/Hem Ahadin, Burlington, VT, 5/22/15
As I told Pam recently - she can trust the Real God is her bullet-proof vest. May yours be so too.