Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Marvel's Super Racists

There are racists. And then there are the Super Racists at Marvel Comics.

Marvel writer, Brian Michael Bendis, admits to crying after his adopted 4 year old African-American daughter put on a Spider-man mask and cried out, “I’m Spider-man!” But then the writer tells the New York Daily News that he cried, Not because his daughter ignored the fact that Spider-man is a man, or even white, but because "I realized my kids are going to grow up in a world that has a multi-racial Spider-man, and an African American Captain America and a female Thor.”

This is Racism, giving race a status it doesn't deserve and placing it above the virtues that make a superhero a superhero.

As Dr. Michael J. Hurd puts it in his piece, “Spider-man vs. the Racism of the Politically Correct", which cites me and uses my graphic “Affirmative Action Comics":

“The kind of mentality who would change the racial make-up of an already established character is just as racist as the kind of mentality who would never want to see a black, or gay, or female superhero. How so? Because this sort of mentality is no different from the actual racist, who makes race the all-important or most important factor about a human being.

While it’s certainly true that a racist would not want Spider-Man to become black when he was previously white, isn’t it just as racist to demand that Peter Parker’s race change from white to black? Racism means fixating on race as the most important characteristic, when it’s irrelevant to the stature and character of a superhero.

Martin Luther King and civil rights leaders from the 1960s were supposedly fighting for a color blind society. Instead, we have turned into a color obsessed society. And to state that plainly will only get you labeled a racist by PC bullies who contribute nothing whatsoever to cultural development, aside from neurosis and psychopathology dressed up as sophistication.

Fawstin is absolutely right. It’s implicitly insulting to blacks, gays, and others — as a group — to insinuate that nobody would ever want to read about or watch a superhero who isn’t white and straight. These PC bullies think they have us. “Oh, so you don’t want to have a gay or black superhero? You homophobe! You racist!” But they’re the ones who don’t believe that other types of superheroes could make it on the marketplace. They’re the ones insisting that we utilize the previous success of a character who happened to be white to provide the new black, Asian or gay version of the character with status he hasn’t yet earned on his own.

It is affirmative action, applied to comics.”

Read his excellent piece here.

UPDATE: The Latest example of Marvel's Super Racism

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