Wednesday, July 01, 2015

After Publishing Condom Pope, NYT Finds Mohammad Ad "Offensive On Religious Grounds"

Pamela Geller​ writes: "Last Monday, the New York Times ran a lavish full-color image of a portrait of Pope Benedict XVI made out of condoms. If they thought twice about offending Roman Catholics’ religious sensibilities, they gave no public hint of doing so. And so my human rights organization, the American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI), decided to test their commitment to free speech by submitting an ad featuring a cartoon of Muhammad – the winning cartoon from our free speech event in Garland, Texas, which the Times had refused to run in their coverage of the jihad terror attack on our event." Read the rest at Breitbart.

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G. Tod Slone said...

How about writing a 3-page highly critical factual essay regarding Comic Book Legal Defense Fund. I will include your winning cartoon with it. Thanks.
G. Tod Slone, Ed.
The American Dissident