Friday, September 25, 2015

Dear Print Snobs (I Used to Be One)

A fan of my work writes me, after going to the ComiXology link for my Pigman digital comics: "I would like to to buy a hard copy; an actual comic book, of Pig Man. The link has the option of buying a digital copy. Tnx"
I wrote back that "it's all about the content, and while I would like to offer both digital and print, I can't afford to do so."
Fan follows up "I understand, print is very expensive. Thank you for your response and THANK YOU for fighting the good fight! Never submit."
Not long after, he writes back: "love the digital Pig Man. Better than a real comic. Beautiful!" 
I respond "I think the back light (on iPad/eBook reader) really shows the pages in a way that print cannot, especially for color comic books."
I used to be a print snob, dismissing digital comic books and books, but when I do get comic books these days, it's digital, as well as books. Now, I definitely get my special edition hardcover, oversized art books, which digital can't really do justice, but regular print comic books can't match the way the pages come to life on my iPad, where everything pops off the page in a way print can't achieve. So for those who dismiss digital comic books, reconsider it. The best way to try it is to go onto ComiXology, set up an account, without charge, and download one of their free comics, just to get a first hand test of how reading a comic book on an eBook reader, or computer or smart phone looks like. If that's what's stopping you from reading my comic book, I ask that you simply give a free digital comic a try. Here are all of the Free Comics at ComiXiology where you can see for yourself how great a reading experience it is, but it is Ideal on an eBook reader, as when I first uploaded my comic books onto my iPad, I was blown away and it knocked the print snob right out of me. Try it. Thanks.

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