Tuesday, September 22, 2015

If The Jihadists in Garland Had Their Way...

...Pigman would have ended his battle against Jihad because I wouldn't have been around to finish The Infidel #3. This issue is a particularly special one for me, because it comes after the whirlwind of my winning the Mohammad cartoon contest and the jihadist attack that followed, along with the scumedia's attack on those of us involved in the contest. Things are different for me today than they were before Garland, in a number of ways, yet I have no intention of stopping what I'm doing, despite the continued threats. As I wrote earlier today: Death threats won't stop me. Only death will. And let me say this to those who are foregoing getting my individual digital issues of The Infidel at ComiXology, and who are instead waiting for my hardcover pigskin-leather bound collection of The Infidel, the one that I often invoke: it's a dream of mine, to put all six or seven issues together in that way, but I don't know if it'll happen. I hope it does, if everything works out well, but I wouldn't wait if I were you, because even if it happens, it'll take years. Keep in mind that, unlike most comic books, which are done by a number of people, I'm a one man show. I write, draw, letter, color and self-publish it all. In other words, if you want to support the Only comic book taking on Jihad in the world today- as well as taking on Islam in an explicit way- then I really need your support now. You may have a preference for print, but I simply can't afford to release a print alternative or else I would have. If you want to see the enemy get it in the way they never have, in the way they deserve to, then get The Infidel #3 on Wednesday. It's the biggest and best issue of The Infidel yet, and I hope to make some noise on its release with your help. Thank you. 

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