Wednesday, October 07, 2015

The Dark Pig Returns

"An artistic and storytelling triumph." -that guy from Bleeding, about my 3rd Pigman comic book, The Infidel #3

The rest of his review was superfluous :) The title of his review was "The Dark Pigman Returns -The Most Right Wing Comic Book On The Planet?", which if you don't know, was alluding to Frank Miller's seminal Batman comic book series, The Dark Knight Returns, which I pay an homage to on the left. The reviewer wished there was “more nuance” and “less Randian individualism” in my work, not realizing that he’s describing most comics today, and why mine is different. Then the reviewer desperately attempts to counter the fact that Pigman is the only anti-jihad comic book out there by citing Charlie Hebdo, as if they publish anti-Jihad, anti-Islam comic book stories and not simply single Mohammad cartoons, which they don't even do anymore. And finally, an interesting, or revealing, feature of his review was that he did not mention me by name, which happens more and more these days, making me... 
The Cartoonist Who Must Not Be Named. 


I.M Fletcher said...

Great homage.
You looking forward to Miller's Dark Knight 3: The Master Race? I'm not so sure. Especially after the cover Miller did of Superman for the related Atom tie-in.

AT least Miller won't be handling art chores for the series itself. That will ba handled by Andy Kubert and Klaus Janson. You can see some variant covers by all kinds of famous artists at the link below (click 'Launch Viewer')

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks. And I'm definitely going to be getting issue one and go from there. I hope that hulkish Superman on that cover is like that for a story reason. We'll see.

RHJunior said...

You know, my dream team comic-artist setup would be you, doing the writing-- for Marvel Comic's new Muslim "Miss Marvel."

Can't really fault you except for the fact that, well, a guy dressed all in leather like a pig doesn't really have a lot of reader appeal. All I can think about is how he's gotta be suffering on the brink of heat stroke, and that's before he gets to the desert. And pigs? um, not exactly an avenger of justice sort of animal.

"We wear black leather/ in the hottest weather,/ you can't imagine the smell...." ---Weird Al