Sunday, November 15, 2015

Countering the Immoderate Lies of "Moderate Muslims"

UPDATE: Feb 26, 2017. Muslim filmmaker had a dupe at the oscars peddle a falsehood about a "peaceful" passage in the Koran. I debunked it.

In the wake of the horrific atrocities in Paris, France, committed by Islam's heroes, the Jihadists, "Moderate Muslims" are running over the dead bodies of Islam's victims to tell us how peaceful Islam is, and they're attempting to "prove" it by quoting from the Koran. Well, I take on that particular myth in The Infidel #3, where Killian Duke (my fictional counterpart who's Pigman's cartoonist creator in my story) is defending himself in court from the Muslim group "Your Muslim Friends". Here is the beginning of his dismantling of the infamous quote that dishonest Muslims push every time Jihadists commit atrocities so big no one can ignore them or pretend they didn't happen in the name of Islam. From page 30 of The Infidel #3.


Applemask said...

Nice of you to acknowledge that there are 1.5 billion of them, even though if Islam really was a death cult bent on world domination and every single one of them genuinely wanted to kill you dead, that's more than enough people to ensure that I shouldn't be typing these words right now.

Bosch Fawstin said...

Great rebuttal ... & Islam means peace.

Kiaser said...

Applemask, if there were that many that were peaceful, they could also end the violence of what you think are infinitesimally small groups in a heartbeat. The sh*t flows both ways if you're going to spout it off.

Believe it or not, evil ideology takes time to spread and gain ground, as its always fighting an uphill battle. Any honest look at history shows that even with mass numbers it can take quite some time and planning to get enough power to realize their final solution.