Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Muslims Celebrated 9/11, Despite the Scumedia's Lies

Muslims celebrated 9/11. In New Jersey, New York, across America and the world. We All know that. And even though tRump, in his usual sloppy manner, reminded us of that the other day, the scumedia has worked 24/7 to try to cover up the fact that Muslims did indeed celebrate 9/11. And people are pushing back with proof that it did in fact actually happen, which the scumedia could have actually found, if not for the fact that they're locked into today's Big Lie, "Islam means peace" and that Muslims are somehow victims, even those who commit unspeakable horrors. I even touched on Muslims celebrating 9/11 in my comic book, The Infidel. From my latest issue, where my fictional counterpart, Killian Duke, cartoonist creator of Pigman, is defending himself in court from the CAIR-like Muslim stealth jihad group, Your Muslim Friends.

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christian soldier said...

saw the celebrations here in CA on Ventura Blv...both inside certain establishments and via coded banners on the street--