Wednesday, January 06, 2016

From "Not All Muslims are Terrorists" to "Not all Migrants are Rapists"

Here are some of my thoughts on the mass sexual assault committed by Muslims in Germany on New Years Eve, from Twitter and Facebook:

"Not all migrants" sexually assaulted German women? There wouldn't be ONE victim of this Mass sexual assault if Merkel didn't endanger Germans by taking in Muslim masses. Not ONE!

Western leaders play Muslim roulette with OUR lives, not Their lives. And they're going to Pay for it, politically and historically.

I can almost hear the impotent German authorities saying, in the wake of the Mass sexual assault committed by "Not All migrants": "Well, Not ALL German women were raped."

It's important to note that the savages who committed the Mass sexual assault on German women on New Years are not part of ISIS. They're just part of Islam. They're just Muslims.

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Edward Cline said...

Whether or not the assaults were an ISIS plan, remains to be seen. The German authorities are not going to go out of their way to find out, one way or another, just as they're not going to go out of their way to ensure it won't happen again (they'd rather invest effort to squelch "anti-Muslim" protests and send spies on the various "anti-immigrant organizations, such as PEDIGA). But the assaults, in over a dozen cities, were too well coordinated. But we're dealing with a very sophisticated enemy, one who has our measure, and we won't know if ISIS, which issued a warning last year that dozens of its agents were among the "refugees" pouring into Europe,had anything to do with the assaults. Unless one of the arrested "migrants" turns out to be an ISIS agent, we'll be in the dark. We might remain in the dark because rather than indict Islam, Mother Merkel and her ilk on the continent would rather cover up such a discovery. In fact, we can't even count on our own intelligence apparatus to confirm or deny ISIS involvement.