Thursday, March 17, 2016

Let Me Draw Mohammad For You For "Everybody Draw Mohammad Day"

I've already gotten the head's up about the upcoming Everybody Draw Mohammad Day on May 20th from a few people on social media, and since there are those who often tell me that they'd draw Mohammad if only they could draw, I've decided to draw Mohammad for them, so they can share their own, unique Mohammad cartoon with the world. So you can order your own Mohammad cartoon, drawn by me, which you can share on social media in support of Free Speech, at a time when it's under siege by Muslims, leftists and even those on the right. To the left is an example of what I'll be offering: a Mohammad cartoon, signed by me, (request if you want your name on it) drawn in pencil and ink, on a 4 x 6 card, which I'm charging $25 for. So show your support for Free Speech, and let me draw Mohammad for you.

And if you don't know, I'm the cartoonist who won the Draw Mohammad contest which ended with a jihadist attack in Garland, Texas.



Secretary said...

The Prophet had green eyes not blue. He did not have a beard. He was clean shaven to stand out from the rest of the crowd. You wanted your religion different from the others. Short hair no beards. Clean body. Why do you think they wash themselves before praying to Allah. A clean body is a clean mind.
People of the other religions did not take baths and they smelled.
Muslims set themselves apart from others.

Bosch Fawstin said...


Uncle Vladdi said...

"MUHAMMAD HAD NO BEARD!" Holycrap - is there NOTHING too sacred for a muslim to lie about?!

LIAR! According to the Sira, (Muslim, vol 3, no 1583) Moe had a beard - which he dyed red with henna to cover up the grey in it - but no moustache. Later in life he also shaved his head, and advised all the muslim men to do the same.

He lived for ten years in Makkah (commentary) and in Madina for ten years. At that time there were not more than twenty white hair on his mubarak (blessed) head and beard." (Shumail e Turmazi, Vol 1, no 1)

Moe was "a man of average height with broad shoulders, a thick beard and a reddish complexion, and his hair came down to his earlobes. I saw him in a red Hullah and I never saw anything more handsome than him.” (Sahih Sunan e nasai, vol 3, no 1533)

HISHAM/ISHAQ 744: "Now Abu Bakr was sitting behind the apostle and he said, 'Suck al-Lat's nipples! Should we desert him?' He asked who had spoken, and when he heard it was Ibn Abu QUhafa he said, 'By Allah, did I not owe you a favour I would pay you back for that, but now we are quits.' Then he began to take hold of the apostle's beard as he talked to him. Al-Mughira b. Shu'ba was standing by the apostle's head clad in mail and he began to hit his hand as he held the apostle's beard saying, 'Take your hand away from the apostle's face before you lose it.'"

Ishaq 815: " 'Abdullah b. Abu Bakr told me that when the apostle came to Dhu Tuwi he halted on his beast turbaned with a piece of red Yamani cloth and that he lowered his head in submission to God, when he saw how God had honoured him with victory, so that his beard almost touched the middle of the saddle."

(From Ishaq) Tabari 1573: "The two men came to the apostle and Babawayh told him that Shahanshah king of kings Chosroes had written to the governor Badhan ordering him to send men to bring him to him and that they had been sent to take him away. If he obeyed, Badhan would write to the king of kings on his behalf and keep him from him; but if he refused to come he knew what sort of man he was: he would destroy his people and lay waste his country. They had come in to the apostle's presence with shaven beards and long moustaches, so that he could not bear to look at them. He advanced on them and said, 'Who ordered you to do this?' To which they replied, 'Our Lord' meaning Chosroes. The apostle answered, 'But my Lord has ordered me to let my beard grow long and to cut my moustache.'"

CH1914 said...

Maybe we could see some drawings of Mohammed in some of those BBQ restaurant menus with pigs serving BBQ in chiefs attire. Maybe yes?