Thursday, May 05, 2016

From ebay to obey and back to ebay

UPDATE: eBay came around and allowed me to re-list my winning Mohammad cartoon. So Bravo to ebay. Bid here 

I'm a first time ebay seller who learned, after the fact, that I'm supposed to have dollar limits on sales. But ebay Mistakenly allowed me to sell my winning Mohammad cartoon for as Much as I wanted to (the last current bid was $10,000 after only 3 days), and they ended up removing it on a "technicality". I spent an hour talking to three eBay representatives to tell them that since it's Their fault, and since they admit it, that they should allow me to re-list it as was. No matter what I said, no matter how, they refused, even though they admitted that they were wrong in not detecting their error. When I mentioned that over 100 eBay customers were "watching" the sale and that there were 37 bids for it, meaning, that there was serious momentum going on in the sale, they still refused to re-list it, sticking to their "policy', which They broke. In the end, I think this is just the latest example of Western submission to Islam, and all the reasons they give for removing it are mere pretext. 


Emanuele Ciriachi said...

Bosch should we complain to eBay about this? Do you have a reference number and/or names of the people you have dealt with?

Bosch Fawstin said...

They put it back up :)

Galt'sGulchResident said...

Hmmm,if timing is a factor in marketing and a brilliant marketing strategy is nullified by a "technicality* then I would estimate that the eBug cost you ... let's see:

$10,000-$6,600= $3,400

Ask eBay to take it off their commission.

Francisco Carlos Domingo Andres Sebastien d'Anconia