Tuesday, May 03, 2016

My Winning Mohammad Cartoon is For Sale to the Highest Bidder

UPDATE: eBay Removed Listing.

UPDATE 2: It's Back on eBay

Before eBay removed my listing on a "technicality", the current highest bid for it was $10,000 in only three days. To the bidders (I had 37 bids) and the 108 "watchers" on eBay who are interested in my Mohammad cartoon: eBay removed the listing on a "technicality", and after an attempt to correct it and re-list, they erected a couple of new obstacles to doing so, effectively barring it from eBay. Contact me to be notified of my next step.

Here is the text for my auction listing:

Own a piece of history. Own the Cartoon at the Center of a Terrorist Attack.  

Shortly after my Mohammad cartoon was announced as the winner of Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer’s AFDI Draw Mohammad contest event and exhibition in Garland Texas, two jihadists came to try to murder the approximately 200 people who attended the event. They would have succeeded if not for a heroic, sharp-shooting policeman who blew their heads off before they could even enter the building. The attack and event became an international news story and my life has never been the same since. Following the attack, I received more death threats than I ever had, even though I’ve been drawing Mohammad for years. But despite the danger, I want to continue drawing Mohammad. These days, there are fewer cartoonists willing to draw “He Who Must Not Be Drawn,” and, for me, that’s just more reason to do so, especially in a world where Free Speech is under siege from all sides.

What kind of world would it be if no one drew Mohammad? The Islamic world. I never want to live in that world, and drawing Mohammad every so often is how I personally keep that world at bay. My winning Mohammad cartoon explicitly spells out why I draw Mohammad in the first place. I never set out to draw Mohammad until the Danishcartoonists who did so were threatened with death over it. Though their Mohammad cartoons were blamed for inciting Islamic violence, in truth it’s Islamic violence whichincites Mohammad cartoons.   
My winning Mohammad cartoon led me to an event where I could have died if jihadists had their way, so it’s the most significant and most famous cartoon I’ve ever done—and might ever do. My cartoon became a symbol of Free Speech because drawing Mohammad has now become the most daring way of exercising one’s right to Free Speech in today’s world. Based on what some have written about it, it has become one of the most important pieces of art in recent memory.   

For example, Mark Steyn wrote the following about my winning Mohammad cartoon:  

“It's less about Mohammed than about the prohibition against drawing Mohammed—and the willingness of a small number of Muslims to murder those who do, and a far larger number of Muslims both enthusiastic and quiescent to support those who kill. Mr.Fawstin understands the remorseless logic of one-way multiculturalism—that it leads to the de facto universal acceptance of Islamic law.”    

Own a famous piece of art that’s become a symbol of Free Speech, an image of which Freedom-lovers helped spread like wildfire on the Internet. Own a piece of original art that was at the heart of the first physical jihad attack on Free Speech in America. The image ended up on billboards, t-shirts, even coffee cups. It’s a newsworthy piece of art that 99.9% of the news media outside of Fox News never showed, and the original isnow available for sale to the highest bidder.  

Here are all of my media appearances about my Mohammad cartoon and the terrorist attack that followed.

My original piece is on 14" x 17" bristol board paper. I drew Mohammad in black India ink, using a fine brush. The rest of the drawing I drew in pencil. There are two slight white spots of correction fluid on my original. I signed it in ink in the bottom right corner.     
Invest in a piece of history.

Place your bid on Ebay here.

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