Saturday, September 10, 2016

Avenging 9/11 Through My Art

Even with the bereaved of 9/11 on my mind 15 years after the atrocity, I don't want to see people crying over 9/11; I want to see jihadists dying over 9/11. That's why I created Pigman. After seeing how Bush didn't allow our soldiers to do their job and destroy the Islamic enemy, and then Obama making matters even worse for us and therefore better for the enemy, I needed to see them pay through my art. That's how I commemorate the atrocity that our government pretends didn't happen and has yet to avenge---at least until our soldiers are unleashed on jihad. If you want to see the Islamic enemy pay for 9/11 and beyond, read my Pigman digital comic book on Amazon Kindle or on ComiXology

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