Thursday, September 29, 2016

Waiting for Government Protection to Tell the Truth About Islam?

Yesterday, a friend of mine reminded me about Penn Jillette's self-admitted cowardice about speaking out against Islam. Here's his latest words about it, along with what I wrote and drew in 2010:

"The chances of a terrorist believing in Islam are pretty good. The chances of someone who believes in Islam being a terrorist are very, very bad. Very little chance of that." -Penn Jillette, from August 2016

The chances that Penn Jillette will say something insightful and true about Islam are "very, very bad". I took him to task about it a number of years ago, in a cartoon, which I was able to show him in person.

I wrote and drew this in 2010:

Penn Jillette, comedian/magician of the TV show BULLSHIT!, goes after anyone and everyone....well, not everyone. When asked if there are any groups he won't go after, he answers:
"...we haven't tackled Islam because we have families."

It's not about having families.

Critics of Islam have family as well, family jewels.

And when I asked Jillette, yesterday, if he were still a self-described "coward" when it came to talking about Mohammad, he replied....

And here are a number of tweets that I sent out today, in response to some pushback that I got from some Facebook friends who think that short of guaranteed government protection, one shouldn't speak out against Islam. 

UPDATE: Jillette blocked me on Twitter.


RevGC said...

I am with you, Bosch, on telling the truth about Islam. And, I am for the USA. There is no conflict on this concurrent advocacy for truth and freedom. And, our freedoms have to be exercised as you surely demonstrate. Thank you. And, I thank myself for supporting America.

Gary Callihan

Bosch Fawstin said...

Thanks, Gary