Thursday, December 29, 2016

Wrapping Bacon on Mosque Doorknobs Leads to Death

A British court essentially gave a death sentence to a man who committed the "crime" of wrapping bacon around the doorknobs of a mosque. When I post about Pigman and how he exploits the Islamic enemy's pigotry with his pigskin leather, Muslims are always quick to write me with "LOL"s to pretend that they're not affected by the pig in any way. Another Muslim lie. I was raised Muslim, and the pig is the most reviled creature on earth for Muslims. If a pig merely appeared on the TV, my mother would recoil in disgust. A cousin of mine bought the wrong kind of bologna, the pork kind, and got her ass kicked by her father. And we were what would be called today "moderate Muslims" living in America, so you can imagine how deadly serious Islamic pigotry is in the Muslim world. There's actually a headline about this story that refers to Kevin Crehan's "crime" as a "bacon attack on a mosque". "Bacon attack". The Brits have No right to treat as a major crime something that only Muslims would take irrational exception to. This is a travesty. Can you imagine what this man's friends and family are going through? This is another case of appeasement by the West, deadly appeasement, and those who threw him to the wolves should pay a price for it in some way. 

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