Thursday, January 26, 2017

linda sarSOUR

sour: unpleasant, unfriendly. bad, wrong.

This vile creature, Linda SarSour, who would be unknown in a healthier culture than we're in, went after Ayaan Hirsi and Brigitte Gabriel in a vile way on Twitter. And Ayaan Hirsi Ali is a victim of female genital mutilation, which makes this vile creature's attack on her even worse. And some twitter users, anticipating that the coward would delete it, took a screenshot before she did, and she did delete it. This, from a "woman" who was one of the organizers of the "women's" march. As if she's not a self-loathing, woman-hating Muslim. Looking at her, and looking at her name, the last four letters of her last name jumped out at me, and so I had to run with it in my cartoon below...

Also see this on sarSOUR


zoloftea said...

Wonder where she came up with the idea of taking womens' vaginas away. Oh, yes! Islamic tradition to cleanse females of their sexual pleasure.

Bosch Fawstin said...

That's right.