Sunday, January 22, 2017

True Hope

What Trump said to the CIA yesterday has got me very hopeful, if you can't tell. This is the third cartoon in a row that I used his quote. As I've written, yes, the "Radical" in "Radical Islamic Terrorism" is redundant, but it's something Bush and Obama never said, and Trump said it in his Inauguration speech and again, yesterday.

As I wrote in my dedication page for my print companion to The Infidel, called PROPIGANDA: Drawing the Line Against Jihad:

"To those who say what must be said; they lead the way for those who will do what must be done."

Telling the truth and Acting on it is the only way we're going to put down the mad dog jihadists once and for all. And Trump saying what he said only bodes well for us, and should make the enemy as scared of Trump as the left is.

It's always good to have an American president who make his enemies uneasy, worried, etc., Yes, I have problems with Trump, as you know if you're read my posts and seen my cartoons, and he will still no doubt say and do things that I absolutely disagree with, but we're at war, and it looks like he's setting the stage to take it to the enemy harder than Bush and Obama ever did. And that's good.

We do not have a third Islam Bitch in the White House, post-9/11, and that's cause for True Hope, unlike Obama's "HOPE". And so, my latest poster. And I just sold the original art for my last two Trump cartoons in record time, (see my last two posts) but this one I sold before I even posted it, as it was intercepted by a fan who was asking if I had another Trump poster planned, and I just so happened to have Literally finished this one when he contacted me. But if anyone is interested in an alternative Trump "HOPE" poster, let me know, and I can draw one up for you.

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