Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Vince Vaughn As Pigman

I love the look that Vince Vaughn gave to Meryl Streep during her performance. So I was thinking, looking at him. He's a big guy, older, and on the right, and The Fountainhead is his favorite book. He's quoted as saying: 

"The last book I read was the book I've been rereading most of my life, The Fountainhead." 

So I starting seeing him as Pigman, and it's stayed with me for a few days. Also, his face is similar to Frank's, in that he has a shorter nose, long upper lip, and has a big forehead.
 So here's my sketch of Vince Vaughn as Frank Warner/Pigman, based on the now popular picture of him looking at Meryl Streep.


indie media eastcoast said...

I have crushed on Vince for decades.. SO MONEY BABY .. thanks .. I couldn't believe the stupids applauding Streep... Good God you know who will be cashing in? Therapists!!! hahahaa

indie media eastcoast said...

Love Vince... Dodgeball is a family favourite... so Money baby .. so money .. Vaughn and Mel Gibson's faces were priceless .. Streep's gonna help the 'therapist' 'psychologists' cash in during their season of 'triggered'