Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Trump Sticks To His Guns On Rhetoric Against The Enemy


(I'm selling the original art for cartoons on Geert Wilders, Trump, Mohammad here)

I wrote this on Facebook before Trump's speech tonight:

Trump's been pretty good on his rhetoric against jihad, but if he uses weaker language to describe the threat tonight, it's because of his NSA pick, McMaster, who stupidly believes ISIS isn't Islamic. McMaster takes exception to Trump's already weak term, "Radical Islamic Terrorism", and reportedly asked him to scrap it. We'll see...

Well, he stuck to his guns and repeated the phrase, and made it a point to clearly enunciate the words, which was good to hear. So I drew this new cartoon based on his quote from his speech tonight. The original art for it is for sale at the shopping cart below. It's drawn in India ink on 14 x 17 bristol board paper. 

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