Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Miss Piggy Mohammad


I tweeted this earlier: To Muslims who actually say that drawing Mohamamd cartoons is just as bad as terrorism: I have a cartoon nuke coming: Mohammad as Miss Piggy.

And here it is. It's a twofer, as it taps into Islamic misogyny and pigotry. My original art for my cartoon is for sale, at the shopping cart below. Drawn in india ink on 11 x 14 bristol board paper. 


Bikinis not Burkas said...

Muhammad was WHITE!
Muhammad was a dwarf and fat!

mkumstein said...

I think you mean "Swinophobia". Regarding the picture I would think of it as "Miss Piggy as Mohammad" which conflates cross gender and cross species. Interesting for the Muslims to consider should there be a piglet???

Ericka v g Leijonhufvud said...

Dave Alen was always knocking the Catholic Church did we complain? He was a great satirical comic and I miss him.

Ilpigs said...

Why are you insulting pigs?

Bosch Fawstin said...

You're calling Muslims pigs?