Friday, July 21, 2017

"It's Not The Movie I Expected"

I'm getting annoyed by the attitude of some movie-goers these days, particularly podcasters and you-tubers who are unaware of their arrogance, and who think that the movies in their heads are better than movies made by professional directors who've dedicated their lives to making movies. I tweeted about it:
And I just created this pun, mocking the "that's not what I expected" crowd. So is this what you expected from Dunkirk?

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zoloftea said...

GUILTY! When I go to a film, if there are historical inaccuracies, they annoy me. When it's a remake, the newer one is always inferior to the first one. Sequels and prequels always disappoint. So, I have no expectations about Dunkirk, but I'll think of your blog if I see it.