Sunday, November 11, 2018


As you may know, social media platforms are targeting and banning those on the right, while allowing leftists and Muslims to get away with murder. And while I've seen people poo poo that fact, suggesting that it's a "balanced" practice, that's BS. Twitter banned me for criticizing Marvel's Islamic propaganda comic book, where jihadists don't exist, and the only Muslims are victims or heroes. All this during a global jihad. And after Pakistan blocked me on Instagram, my Instagram account is dead. And now, after I posted a cartoon saying that ONLY Hitler is Hitler, Facebook "banned" me for 30 days. They used the term "banned" instead of suspended, which is different, and ominous. We'll see. So I thought up this graphic, which is part of my The Shadow Knows blog series.

Thursday, October 25, 2018

DEFY the European Court of Human Rights for Declaring that "Insulting" Mohammad isn't Free Speech --with Mohammad Cartoons

Any words, against anyone, is Free Speech, short of threats of violence and death, which the enemies of Free Speech don't seem to have a problem with. The self-loathing cowards of the "European Court of Human Rights" declared that telling the truth about Mohammad isn't Free Speech, that it's "an abusive attack on the Prophet of Islam, which is capable of stirring up prejudice and putting at risk religious peace."

There's no such thing as "religious peace", there's only peace, and there's no peace with Islam, which motivates Muslims to wage jihad and murder Islam critics. Speech or cartoons against Mohammad may anger Muslims, among endless other things, but it can't make them express that anger in violent action. That's ALL on them. Muslims, and their gutless apologists, have to accept that human beings have the right to insult and defame and tell the truth about islam, with impunity, despite their edict. If you want to help me defy the bastards, take me up on my offer to draw a headshot of Mohammad for you for $75, on 4 x 6 index cards. You can request a particular Mohammad cartoon that you want, of him drawn as popular characters in pop culture, but it will be limited to head shots. Here's an example. Order yours below.

Shipping & Handling Included

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Let’s Fuckin’ Roll Already

The Heroes of Flight 93 rolled 17 years ago. They were the first soldiers to fight the Islamic enemy during the atrocity of 9/11, and we can’t even muster up the will to put down this enemy in the 17 years since. Disgraceful. Gutless. Truthless.

0n 9/11, the West Decided that the Defense of the West Was Optional, While the Defense of Islam Was Absolute

17 years later, the 9/11 victims remain unavenged and the Islamic enemy remains undefeated, because of the moral cretins in political power in America and across the West. And Islam continues to be defended by Western politicians as if it were their own religion. A historical travesty and disgrace.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

"See Something, Say Something, Do Nothing." -Gov

I tweeted this a little earlier today.
And a friend suggested I make a cartoon with the words, "See something, say something, do nothing."