Tuesday, April 22, 2008

1429 VS 2008


It's 1429 on Planet Islam today, and in their latest attempt to bring us back in time with them, the enemy wants us to submit to Mecca Time. They're feeling their goats, people, all because we're not taking them on the way they ought to be taken on.

Update: More on how we're allowing this enemy to keep getting away with it; the current Islamically retarded administration's weakest member, Condoleeza Rice, now forbids The State Department to use the words 'Jihad' or 'Jihadist' because they believe it insults 'peaceful' Muslims. Rice once said that 'Islam means peace and love.' Who the hell's going to protect us from our protectors? PIGMAN

Update 2: It's even worse, it's not just the The State Dept., but now it's The Dept. of Homeland Security, along with The National Counter Terrorism Center who are officially submitting to the enemy's version of things. We are proceeding from the enemy's premise regarding Islam and its Jihad, and since our truly despicable 'leaders' run from truth as if it were the plague, leaving us more vulnerable than they can ever be, it's left to Individuals to fight for the truth, every inch of the way, until it cracks into the thick skulls of those who presume to be our protectors. If they protected us the way they're protecting Islam.......

Monday, April 14, 2008


History tells us that the founder of ‘the religion of peace’ lied, cheated, stole, slaved, raped and murdered his way into power. These things are not dark secrets; they are historical facts readily available to any who want to know. But we don’t want to know, and the enemy is riding it for all it’s worth. We are even content to hear enemy lies come out of the mouth of the most powerful infidel on earth, a man whose bottom line purpose is to protect this country and its citizens from our enemies, a man who you’d think, after six years[!] would have found out for himself who the hell the enemy is and then act accordingly. Instead, he’s consistently been a mouthpiece for enemy propaganda, which has led him to fight a minimalist war, desperately trying to prove he’s not fighting a fellow religion, while that religion is killing us through its true believers.

Our government’s lack of fight in our defense gives the enemy aid and comfort and hope that they will be able to build The Islam Bomb in time and do what Mohammed would have done with it. It is our president’s belief in his pacifist religion, his ‘turn the other cheek/love thy enemy’ religion, that has allowed the enemy’s violent religion to make even more headway into our culture after it would have been inconceivable to do so after 9/11. Have Muslims ever been so brazen in their demands?

Bush is fighting a compassionate war against the scum of the earth and the entire world’s going to pay for it, along with future generations. We don’t want to know that Mohammed was a villain for the ages. That wouldn’t be nice to know, and so we afford this devil sainthood status, while we pretend that Muslim terrorists are acting outside the religion’s moral bounds. And to their everlasting shame, our protectors, along with those who are meant to tell us the truth, have sold us out and have left the battle to Individuals who risk their lives to tell the full, ugly, unspeakable truth about how the founder of Islam god away with murder and is still getting away with murder through his most slavish followers.

Islam, on its own, failed to get Mohammed what he really wanted; power over others. It lost in the arena of ideas over a millennium ago, but was rescued from its failure by Jihad, which has kept it alive as a zombie religion living off the lives of others to this day. Mohammed’s pretense at prophet hood was finally revealed when he conceded that Allah’s word was impotent without his sword. Mohammed supposedly preached Islam peacefully for 13 years before the bloodletting began, but peaceful men don’t become mass murderers when things don’t go their way.

We are being warred upon by a part of the world where the bad guys won. A world where they spend almost all of their time telling themselves they’re good while damning all others as evil, with full faith and no reason. But the comparative standard is getting to be too much for them to deal with in a world where it’s becoming increasingly clear that Islam is the problem. Our good ‘makes’ them look bad by comparison, and their only response to our moral challenge is to kill the competition. Like prophet, like followers.

The only way the enemy can have their evil recognized as the unchallenged good in the world is to obliterate any and all moral standards with only the moral negation that is Islam left standing. Islam never had a chance in hell without violence and so what exists in the world that calls itself Islamic today was built on the blood of infidels, making all of Islam not worth one iota of respect.

Muslims can no longer force Islam onto a world where devastating power lies in the hands of Infidels. But this enemy is counting on us to continue behaving like overly civilized non-Muslims in the face of their daily outrages. They will push us to the brink, because that’s what they do. The Muslim world will finally force us to change them the way we were forced to change Japan. They must be made to fully understand, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that their entire culture is in the thrall of evil. They must be shaken from their faith, for the sake of the entire civilized world. Mohammed played them all for suckers in his getting them to believe that Islam was any more than his lust for power, and his legacy of evil will bring hell to those who are determined to perpetuate it. Our physical power stops the enemy from having their way with us, but our moral weakness encourages them to continue killing us. A timid good stands no chance against a righteous evil. The only way the enemy will renounce terrorism is when they come face to face with it.

© 2008 Bosch Fawstin