Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Did John Lennon see the Light?

According to his assistant, he was right-wing by the end of his days.

One of Lennon's last interviews.

From D.C. to P.C. to I.C.

From D.C. Comics to Politically Correct Comics to Islamically Correct Comics

I did these essays/cartoons for a little while back about the Islamization of American comics, particularly on how D.C. Comics has gone all in with the "Islam means peace" myth. And it was the first entry below which led to my appearance on The Daily Show.
Right after 9/11, which of the following would be more likely: that Batman takes on al Qaeda or, rather, that he recruits a Muslim to be one of his “Global Batmen”? Of course the former, but not in a world where “Islam means peace.” Frank Miller worked on a graphic novel called “Holy Terror, Batman” as his response to 9/11, pitting Batman against al Qaeda. But for reasons that are still unclear, “The Fixer” has now taken the place of Batman in Miller’s project, while DC Comics has Batman recruiting a Muslim to be his French counterpart.
What have Muslims done to earn this honor? The same thing Islam has done to deserve being equated with peace in Western culture.
I personally don’t think Batman is built to take on butchers like al Qaeda, since DC Comics thinks having Batman kill would kill the character. (Heroes don’t kill? What of our heroic soldiers?)  But I sure as hell don’t think Batman should be used to sell the Big Lie that “Islam means peace.” And, believe it or not, this is the second time in two months that Batman has been used in Islamic propaganda, the first being in the unreadable JLA/the 99 #1. At this rate, Superman converting to Islam is inevitable.
If you’re as sick and tired of this IslamiCrap as I am, you'll like my graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, which features Pigman, an ex-Muslim superhero who is the jihadist’s worst nightmare. Chapter one is now available.


DC comics has pimped out Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to a Muslim comic book publisher in order to sell Islam as something universally good. DC’s icons will team up with “The 99”, described as “the world’s first superheroes based on Islamic culture and society,” in a comic book designed to perpetuate the “Islam means peace” fantasy. Whatever else this thing is, it’s Islamic propaganda, and it’s being released during a war being waged against us by Islam’s most consistent practitioners. It’s one thing for DC Comics to avoid the reality of jihad in their comic book universe, quite another to allow the big three superhero icons to be used to sell today’s Big Lie. I know comic books are meant to be fantasy, but having 99 super-powered Muslims who are not engaged in jihad is simply un-Islamic.
Regardless of the seemingly mild nature of the man behind this, Dr. Naif al-Mutawa, it’s a false version of Islam he’s selling here, since the only way you can mainstream Islam is by lying about it. This shows how trapped even the most Western Muslims are by their own religion, that they have to go outside of their religion for them to make Islam seem at all appealing to non-Muslims — and even to themselves. It doesn’t matter if it’s self-delusion or dissimulation driving those behind this IslamiComic, the result is the same: Islam is again presented as something it’s not in order to appeal to the ignorant, in this case, targeting young kids, making this comic particularly insidious.
American Superheroes fought America’s enemies in World War 2. Today, not only do they stay clear from the jihadists, but now the most popular of them also team up with sugar-coated Muslim superheroes for the express purpose of making Islam look good.


Super-powered Muslims wouldn’t stone Wonder Woman.
They’d boulder her.
This is the second of my three-part cartoon response to DC Comics allowing Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman to be used by a Muslim comic book publisher in order to sell Islam as something it’s not. 
Today is Wonder Woman Day, a yearly event that celebrates the character, as well as promoting a charity that benefits domestic violence programs. I would imagine that there is at least one individual at DC Comics who knows that he’s helping promote one of the most misogynistic ideologies in history. An ideology which sees women as a necessary evil, since they’re the only ones who can give birth to baby boys. An ideology that causes even the least devout Muslims to mourn the birth of a baby girl.  Some of you may know that Wonder Woman recently had a costume change; her new costume just happens to be more Islamically correct than that in which we’re used to seeing her. I wouldn’t be surprised in the least if her costume was tweaked in order to avoid The 99 from being scandalized in the Muslim world by their appearing with Wonder Woman in her usual costume, especially since some of the 99 female members are dressed in full-on burkas.
Until The 99 are unleashed against jihad, there’s no reason to believe that this comic is anything other than Islamic propaganda, and DC Comics is in on it.


When is the left pleased with a character who’s known for fighting for “Truth, Justice & The American Way”? When that character has forsaken that fight.
There is now a trend of American comic book icons being de-Americanized in order to make them more palatable to a foreign — even anti-American — audience. In some foreign markets, Marvel studios is leaving the name “Captain America” off of the title of the upcoming film starring the patriotic superhero, and even the director of the film has made comments designed to placate non-American audiences.
The left was also pleased when Batman recruited a Muslim as his French counterpart, in a storyline that ignores the very reason we even began talking about Islam on a large scale, 9/11.
Superman was created and published by Americans. He's an alien who crash-landed in America, he was raised by Americans, lives in America, works in America, and is married to an American. But D.C. Comics has just made him renounce his U.S. Citizenship. I keep reading about how Superman belongs to all of us. Well, my Superman would Never quit America. He might be critical of a particular policy of the American government, but he would never stop fighting for Truth, Justice & The American Way.

Monday, June 27, 2011


A shot from The Infidel #1, where a member of the jihadist front group, Your Muslim Friends, is about to make peace with Killian Duke, the cartoonist behind the Pigman comic book.

Hope? Change? REBOOT

Obama has done for America what Christopher Nolan has done for the Batman franchise ... & Islam means peace.

My point is that Obama's America is basically Joel Shumacher's Batman. It took two Shumacher Batman films to bury the franchise for years until Nolan revived it. Let's "hope" Obama loses this Nov. and we hang on until the day Americans will be given a real choice between two Clear opposites and vote in a good man, a non-politician, who has a chance at rebooting America.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


That's Alex Toth's handwriting from the first postcard he sent me, in response to his reading my first graphic novel, Table for One. It's his birthday today, he would have been 82 years old. He is and will always be THE Master of Comic Book Art.

Here's what he wrote about my book, and he was generous enough to allow me to use it as a blurb on the back cover:

"You are a mighty talented pro...Write/Draw/Stage/Tell Stories with brilliant savvy to all elements in the mix. I'm very impressed! Kudos!"   -Alex Toth

Here's a website, dedicated to the great man. 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Peter Falk

R.I.P. I just drew him a few weeks ago as I was
sketching my way through the book, Actor's Acting.

Spider-Man once more

Spider-Man's mask has been my favorite thing to doodle ever since I was a kid. This began as one of those doodles, until I inked it with a pen, then colored it in photoshop.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Jim Shooter's "Super Lad" design

For Comic Book fans, here's my take on Jim Shooter's design for "Super Lad", intended for, but never appearing, in The Legion of Superheroes comic book, when he was writing the book a few years ago.

Geert Wilders Acquitted

As Jihad Watch puts it: "The West dodges a bullet: Geert Wilders acquitted of all "hate" charges. 

Here are a few of my Geert Wilders drawings.

Hope? Change? TRUTH

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Spider-Man's Mask

John Romita Sr. perfected Steve Ditko's brilliant Spider-Man costume design by giving order to the webbing that wrapped around the suit, most especially with the face mask. I think Romita's design was built on the human face, with a perfectly symettrical design that suggested the placement of the nose and the mouth, with the webbing as vertical markers for both, so when one looks at his version of Spider-Man's mask, it makes more sense than simply haphazardly placing webbing all over it.

Here's what I mean below, showing Peter Parker's face beneath the mask and where his nose and mouth are marked by the webbing. Again, this is what I think Romita had in mind with the mask. I've never heard or read about what exactly he had in mind, but it does make sense to me. (Update: I did learn from reading Jim Shooter's blog that Romita Sr. actually Did intend Spider-Man's mask to suggest the human face, something that Shooter thinks is weird, but which I think is logical and makes it look Just right.)

Thursday, June 02, 2011


Hope? Change? TRUTH
"...I wish to be a politician who serves the truth and hence defends the freedom of the Dutch provinces and of the Dutch people. I wish to be honest, I wish to act with honesty and that is why I wish to protect my native land against Islam. Silence is treason." - Geert Wilders