Monday, October 31, 2011


The Obamedia would go just as crazy if Obama smoked publicly as they did over Herman Cain's chief of staff doing so in a campaign ad.....& Islam means peace.

Smoker-in-Chief's Media Stunned by Smokin' Ad

Herman Cain's chief of staff, Mark Block, puffed on his cigarette at the end of a campaign commercial & the leftist media are tripping over themselves to show how offended they are, despite the fact that their hero, Obama, smokes. I guess they think that smoking is fine so long as you hide it. I liked the commercial, laughed out loud when he took his puff, and this is from someone who smoked for 7 years and quit cold turkey because I wanted to live a healthier life. Block's smoking makes them crazier than they are, so I hope he doesn't quit. At least until he becomes chief of staff to the President of the United States of America.

Clark Kent's Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween.

Can you spot the difference between this drawing and the one below?

Bruce Wayne's Halloween Costume

Happy Halloween.

Friday, October 28, 2011

Pigman for Halloween & more...

It's great to see Pigman fans show their appreciation for the character. Here's one who decided to dress up as Pigman for a Halloween party.

Here's a fan who gave Pigman as serious a stamp of approval as one can.

And here's another fan who created the first Pigman figure Ever. Check out the stand, based on my "War on -error-" graphic.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My T-Shirt Store

My designs are available at Patriot Web Stores, check them out.
Here's one with Pigman's chest symbol.
Those are The Twin Towers with the red S making it read September 11. This being a Capitalist Pigman, it also makes out a dollar sign. As well as evoking Superman's S.

In addition, and not as obvious, the part of the S that goes off the left side makes out a 9, making it 9/11 as well. And further, the two small dents on the right tower are meant to make out a number 3, making it a 93, which is an homage to the heroes of flight 93, but can also, unintended on my part, reference the first jihad attack on the towers in 1993.

Their Terrorist

Pigman, making the enemy scared $#!+

A slightly different take on "The Jihad's Up" image from
PROPIGANDA: Drawing The Line Against Jihad

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Mitt Romney, the Fruitcake of Candidates?

Did Gizmodo rip off a drawing of mine?

I saw a graphic that accompanied a Gizmodo story on Steve Jobs tonight and the first thing that shot to my mind was my July, 2009 illustration, The PigManhattan Project. There's enough of a resemblance in the angle of the shot, the placement of the figure, the shadows on the body and face, with everything but the forehead and nose hidden in shadow, and the idea of the graphic, of a man working intently on a project in a darkened room (though the right hand of their figure seems to be clenched for no particular reason and he doesn't seem to be doing anything particular but reading intensely) Not to mention the color blue in both graphics.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

We Were Better Than Them

This is what comes to mind when I see Western leaders like Benjamin Netanyahu sacrifice their citizens in order to prove that our culture is morally superior to a culture that celebrates the mass murder of innocent human beings. There are those in power who no doubt believe--with all their hearts and none of their minds--that it is better to die than to kill, even if it's to kill mass murderers hell-bent on annihilating us. It's not morality that leads them to this, but a self-destructive moral vanity that gets everyone killed. Can you imagine the depths of the enemy's contempt for us when we aid them in our own destruction?

Andrew C. McCarthy on "Israel’s profoundly self-defeating exchange: a single Israeli soldier traded for the release of over a thousand prisoners — nearly half of them convicted terrorists...

Never, Never Submit: A Recovering Muslim Speaks

My first talk, which took place in LA last Sept. The talk is on 9/11, Islam, Jihad & Comics.

Monday, October 17, 2011

blOWS chunks

The "urban dictionary" defines "blows chunks" as: A term taken from the slang for vomiting, but re-appropriated to illuminate the incompetence of an individual.

And from "wiktionary- To be very bad, inadequate, unpleasant, or miserable; to thoroughly suck.


Islam means peace & Obama deserves a sequel.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

GONE johnson

Even when he's there he's not there.

UPDATE 8/4/2012. I still see that there are otherwise rational individuals who actually are considering voting for Gary Johnson in the November 2012 elections. As if a vote for him won't be a vote for Obama. Here's what I wrote in Oct. 2011:

GONE Johnson: Who am I talking about? Nice guy Gary Johnson, former governor of New Mexico, who's running for president. He has a passionate following, but I can't say why, as I personally don't recall him showing any kind of passion in expressing his ideas in any of his appearances. We may share a good number of ideas, but he's his own worst spokesman for them, at least under pressure in a debate. For a guy who has had legitimate complaints about not being allowed in some of the presidential debates, when he does get there, he blows it. When asked who he'd pick for a running mate, he picks Ron Paul, seemingly oblivious to the fact that he is coming off more and more as a softer version of the irrational Paul, making him Soft Paul. He also shares a similar argument with Paul regarding the killing of one of al Qaeda's own, Anwar al-Awlaki, because he was an American citizen. Here's a good argument against theirs. (Update 8/2012: Now both Paul and Johnson say they support both the Tea Party & Occupy movements.) The only time Johnson made some real noise was when he had "the line of the night" in one of the debates, a line which turned out to be Rush Limbaugh's. And just the other day, this candidate who doesn't consider Iran a threat, but who generally speaks rationally about our foreign policy, sanctions Obama sending troops to Uganda, when it Is not a military threat to us and serves no national interest of ours. He did not make the most of the limited chances he's had in the spotlight during this campaign, and that's all on him. That's why he's The Candidate Who Wasn't There. And watching his latest TV appearance inspired me to draw....nothing.

"The Shadow Knows"

Friday, October 14, 2011

Mint Romney

"Mint Romney, because of the candidate's vain attempt to cover up the stench of stale, socialist policies." - Amy Peikoff

1st Things 1st

subMit Romney

Defeat Romney 1st, then Obama.
Here's Romney at the signing of Romneycare, calling Ted Kennedy his "friend and collaborator."
And here's Romney with his collaborator's at the signing of Romneycare. Signing away freedom never looked so fun. And how's Romneycare doing?  And now he repeats the same Islamicrap he did a few years ago, clearly campaigning to be the 3rd Islamophile in chief in a row.

Imitation w/out Attribution is *Not* the Highest Form of Flattery

Of course, I based mine on the scene in Spartacus and have written so, but the design is all mine, & it's Wilders' very recognizable hair that makes the design what it is.


"Iran's Act of War, Obama's Blather"

A two year old cartoon of mine that defines B.O.'s Iran policy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


My guy was John Bolton, but since he's officially not running, and if the election were today, I'd vote against Obama with non-politician Herman Cain, warts and all.  It's telling that the non-politician is actually becoming a contender. I think Americans are sick of politicians in general and Cain's story, his accomplishments in the private sector and his attitude make him far more appealing than the politicians.

The Slowcialist

subMitt Romneycare, the republican Obama, wants to get there just a liiittle slower.

Sleep-Walking for President

Rick Perry isn't running for president. He's walking. Sleep-Walking. Time to pray, Rick.

A Helping Hand (Out for Life)

Occupiers' Revolootion

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

power HUNGRY

Chris Christie, who can't run, and who's also not running for president this time, just endorsed the Republican Obama, subMitt Romneycare, and then calls those who compare Obamacare to Romneycare, "completely intellectually dishonest". I think Christie thinks he's picking the winner, so he thinks he's setting himself up for 2016 or 2020. Christie is a big government, global warming alarmist, Islamophilic governor from NJ, and even though he's obese, and eats between meals, his hunger for political power knows no bounds, and the way he likes to throw his weight around, you wouldn't like him when he's hungry. When I lose all respect for people, I find cheap shot humor makes up for it. Like Chris "I'd rather be eating" Christie. And if he'd only stop putting his food in his mouth, I may stop mocking him for something he can help.

The Costliest Bailout in U.S. History

In the age of bailouts, George Bush's bailout of Islam after 9/11/01 will be the costliest bailout in U.S. history. Shortly after the attacks, Bush was in a mosque, flanked by members of the stealth jihadist group CAIR (who somehow held straight faces without cackling) and uttered "Islam is peace". 

In the moment of truth, he lied. To himself, to us, to the world, about the true nature of what we were facing, and our response to 9/11 was predicated on that lie, which crippled our war effort from the start. He knew he knew nothing about Islam, but his Religious/Islamic advisor, David Forte, told him "Islam means peace" aka "Religion means peace" and his second-hand mind was made up. He squandered the green light he got from the majority of Americans to end the threat once and for all, and here we are, ten years later, with a successor who considers it part of his "responsibility as President of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." 

This is why I refer to him as:
George W. "Islam Means Peace" Bush AKA George W.I.M.P. Bush.
And Obama as….

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Sermon Cain?

Keep the faith, Herman. To yourself. 
I like Herman Cain, if the election were today, I'd vote for him. He said some good stuff in his speech today, but he also got sidetracked and expressed his religious views on gay marriage and abortion and I "pray" he keeps on track about foreign policy, the economy, government spending and beating Obama.

Saturday, October 08, 2011

Islam means peace &.... Muslim terrorist on earth resembles this drawing.
A sketch for THE INFIDEL.

What if the iMac, iPod, iPhone & iPad were buried under iSlam?

They could have been.
What if Steve Jobs was raised by his Syrian Muslim father in Syria?
What if Islamic culture, and not ours, shaped him?
The thought is chilling.
Check out this story, "The wrong Syrian died."

Occupier in Chief

Why aren't the wall street "occupiers" marching on Washington?
He's got it covered.

True Che T-Shirt


"Celebrating the Anniversary of Che Guevera's Execution"

His last words: Don’t shoot! I’m Che. I’m worth more to you alive than dead!”

Friday, October 07, 2011


"We are the 99%" Not quite
Here's the 'message' of the "Wall Street Occupiers" aka Bums: “We are getting kicked out of our homes. We are forced to choose between groceries and rent. We are denied quality medical care. We are getting nothing while the other 1 percent is getting everything. We are the 99 percent.”

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

STEVE JOBS 1955-2011

Bosch Fawstin: IllustWriter

I've never had a business card, but I'm thinking of getting some made after a few requests. 
Here's an idea, since I see myself as part writer, part illustrator and not exclusively a cartoonist.

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

My Captain America homage in The Infidel #1

A moment from THE INFIDEL #1, after Pigman finds a shield with a Muslim crescent on it. I originally thought of writing and drawing a Captain America story after 9/11, until it hit me that Marvel Comics would never go for it. Then I thought of Islam, of Jihad, and Pigman was born. Here's Pigman in al Qaeda's cave tunnels, doing his best Captain America.