Thursday, October 11, 2012


I listened in and watched a little of the Vice Presidential debate tonight and I saw that Joke Biden kept laughing while Paul Ryan was speaking about our foreign policy & our economy, things which are no laughing matter to Americans besides Biden, Obama & their accomplices.

I think Obama appointed this imbecile to be Vice President because Biden won't/can't challenge him & he could carry out Obama's destructive plans, even by accident. (besides the fact that he makes Obama appear smarter than he is & that it further humiliates America) 

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nielson.trevor said...

it was like a form of tourrettes! i think it was triggered by facts. poor guy...good thing as a politician he gets outstanding government supported (read taxpayer)health care! now he can have a nice retirement and all the medical marijuana he needs to treat it. i only hope barry and the rest of the white house "choom gang" can be as comfortable in their retirement(read sarcasm)