Thursday, March 28, 2013

WE'RE putting Sheep's Clothing on Jihadist Wolves

"Islam means peace" means putting sheep's clothing on the jihadist wolves *ourselves*. Check out my latest Front Page cartoon in Full here

The Day Pigman Was Born

Frank Warner aka Pigman at The Twin Towers on September 11, 2001, seeing something he'll take to his grave. From THE INFIDEL #1, featuring PIGMAN

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Keep the Lights On

"No amount of turning off the lights is enough. Eventually you come around to having to turn off the people." - Daniel Greenfield on "Earth Hour"

Friday, March 22, 2013

Monday, March 18, 2013

I'm Not The Devil - Obama

From "I'm not King" to "I'm Not a Dictator" to "I'm Not Emperor" to….

Middle Eastern actor Mohamen Mehdi Ouazanni is playing the devil in a new Bible tv series, and everyone seems to have noticed the resemblance.

Barack O'Beelzebub

Here's a picture of Satan from the new Bible tv series. :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013


We saw how "electable" worked out in 2012. For 2016, let's hope someone emerges who gives us reasons to vote for him or her, but also someone who seriously scares the $#!+ out of leftists, muslims & even republicans.

Friday, March 15, 2013

From #MeinKampf to #MyJihad

My latest at Front Page Magazine, about the enemy's latest jihad plot to hide the true meaning of jihad, with our help. Click cropped image to see my full cartoon/post.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Ayn Rand Helps Reveal Islam

A Muslim reveals Islam, with the help of Ayn Rand via the twitter account, @aynrandbot.

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P.S. I'd be very surprised if the individual in question is not a Muslim, and a devout one at that, particularly from his reply, but I can't say %100.

Obama's Bitch, John Boehner

Disgraced Cyclist calls Disgraced President Hero

These liars deserve each other. As for "president of the world"? Too much dope. 

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Art Shown on Red Eye

Welcome, Greg Gutfeld/Red Eye fans, thanks for coming by my blog.
Check out a drawing I did of Greg in 2010.

Greg Gutfeld showed my work again on his FOX News show Red Eye, (first time was last year here, where he auctioned off my Andrew Breitbart: Fighter print). They showed it right after introducing Ambassador John Bolton aka President of Red Eye. I was told earlier that they'd give me credit on the air, but I'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out, unless someone knows and wants to let me know in the comment section. Here's the screen shot, with my  actual file image below it.

Will Bloomberg Ban Judges Now?

My latest at Front Page Magazine, on the nanny-banny NY mayor's reaction to his soda ban being smacked down by a Judge. Click cropped illustration to see entire cartoon/post.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Upcoming Talk on Islam, My Cartooning Work & Free Speech

Ted Cruz on Ayn Rand

I can't stand politicians, which is why I'm very cautious about supporting any of them. But if there's one current one that gives me hope that he's a lot better than the rest, it's Ted Cruz. But I have to remind myself that he's a politician, so we'll see. Here are his words about Ayn Rand that he spoke while he was giving Rand Paul a breather in his 13 hour filibuster.

Monday, March 11, 2013

Bloomturd's Big Gulp

UPDATE: "Bloomturd", after judge smacks down his soda ban, defends it by saying that “People are dying every day, this is not a joke". Adding that it was designed to 'save lives'. This is a sick f***

"Bloomturd" is Mark Levin's perfect pun for the punk mayor of New York.
Now a Judge Halts His Soda Ban

As -R̶o̶m̶e- America Burns…

No matter how bad things get, the golfer in chief plays on.
My latest at Front Page Magazine.
Click cropped illustration to see my full cartoon.

Friday, March 08, 2013

Will the CIA now stand for Center for Islam in America?

A former FBI agent is claiming that Obama's new CIA head, John Brennan, is a secret Muslim. Now why the hell would he think that? Regardless, like John Kerry, Brennan thinks Islam is "beautiful", meaning, he thinks misogyny, Jew-hatred, homophobia, wife-beatings, beheadings, pedophilia & murders are beautiful. These are the last people in America who should have the jobs they have, just like their boss. 

Thursday, March 07, 2013

My Cover Illustration for The Objective Standard

It'll be the cover for the Spring 2013 issue. For more info on The Objective Standard...

The Two-Headed Politician

What's worse than a two-faced politician? A two-headed/four-faced one. While Rand Paul, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio- the Senators who the republican establishment didn't support - were talking about freedom last night, establishment hack Senators John McCain & Lindsay Graham were having dinner with anti-freedom Obama. And then these twin hacks had the gall to criticize Rand Paul for his 13-hour filibuster, while they no doubt had nothing but praise for Obama. 


….on your own, and never with politicians. 

I can't Stand politicians & I sure as hell can't stand with them. I might vote for them at times, vote for those who will hurt us less than the other guy, but I never forget that Politicians are Politicians. And if I ever do, they always remind me. The only ones in political office who are worth a damn, aren't politicians. And it's only non-politicians who are going to get us out of the mess politicians put us in. 

I Stand with Rand, AYN RAND

While Rand Paul's "Randpage" was very nice to see, filibustering for 13 hours, we know he inexplicably voted to confirm the despicable Chuck Hagel as Secretary of Defense after standing against him. Paul also suggested that Obama should get to appoint whoever he wants, without acknowledging that Barack Benghazi Obama is not politics as usual, that he makes even Jimmy Carter look like a patriot. I truly don't know if he'll stand against Obama and Brennan in the end since he has proven himself to be a politician. I can't Stand politicians, and I sure as hell can't stand with politicians - only Non-politicians in political office are the ones who are going lead us out of the mess politicians put us in. And so I cannot #StandWithRand. But come 2016, if he's up against a Hillary, or whichever loser wins the Democrat ticket, while I can't Stand with Rand Paul, I might vote for him, but with the full understanding that he's only better than the worst the other side has to offer and that he'll likely hurt us less than they would.

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Jimmy Carter Is Not Dead Yet

UPDATE: I just realized he's still alive, months after I posted this.

Jimmy Carter always reminds me he’s not dead yet by saying things that makes me think of the day when he can't trash America any more. But stillI'd rather have him than Obama since he'd be able to get away with far less. 

When Leftists Speak of Revolution...

…they speak of Blood & Plunder.


Update: Ciaovez is Still Dead. 

Sean Penn said, “I lost a friend I was blessed to have," about the enemy of the people of Venezuela. Here's how I imagine his reaction was to the death of his dictator friend. 

Monday, March 04, 2013


From telling Truth to Power to telling Lies for Power.

I don't hear the term "yellow journalism" used much these days, likely because most journalists are yellow and they make up the Scumedia.

As I wrote in a piece at Front Page Magazine:

I was thinking about the Obamedia – the vast leftist media that treats Obama as if he were a king or a special needs child – and comparing them to the Soviet media and what the main difference is between them. The Obamedia sells out the truth as if their lives depend on it, but the Soviet media sold out the truth because their lives depended on it. The worst thing that can happen to a member of the Obamedia if he or she slips up and tells the truth is that they’d be frowned upon by Obama and other leftists. (Actually, the worst thing that could happen is that they would receive praise from Rush Limbaugh.)
The leftist media are lap dogs when their party is in power, attack dogs when it’s not, and never watchdogs, which is their actual job. Just because we’re used to it by now doesn’t make it any less disgraceful.

Saturday, March 02, 2013

Coolidge: When Less Led To More

I just downloaded my eBook of the new Calvin Coolidge biography by Amity Shlaes. After reading a number of pieces about it, I had to get it. I hope those presidential wanna-be's on the right who think they can be president in a post-Obama America read the book. A piece in The Economist, "When Less Led To More" is a good one to get an idea about Shlaes' bio. Here's one sentence from it:

Coolidge felt that his duty to the public did not include protecting Washington’s influence, and he set to shrinking it.

I'll likely be tweeting and drawing posts about the book as I read it.

Friday, March 01, 2013

"The Problem Is" "I'm Not King" "I'm Not a Dictator" & "I'm not Emperor" - Obama

Today, Barack Benghazi Obama answered a dumb question about why he doesn't basically force Congress to act, with these words, "I'm not dictator." And two weeks ago, he answered another question with "The problem is … I'm not Emperor of the United States." -- "The Problem". There's a pattern here. We've got a frustrated dictator in the white house. Obama's favorite religion and his favorite ideology require having dictators, so it's natural that he'd have the dictatorial tendency. We need to keep him frustrated as can be in the next four years. Update: he also felt a need to once say "I'm Not King."

John Kerry, the Stupid "American"

In today's bizarro America, it's fitting that we get John Kerry as Secretary of State. He revealed the other day that he's been learning about Islam, but doing so from a source who cheerfully and repeatedly associates with unsavory, jihad terror-tied individuals and groups. And as for his recent apology for American free speech while he was abroad - "Americans have the right to be stupid" - he lives up to it with fLying colors. In saying Islam is "Beautiful", John Kerry is saying misogyny, anti-Semitism, homophobia, wife-beatings, beheadings, pedophilia & murders are beautiful. Has this pos ever said the words, "America, the Beautiful"?

Andrew Breitbart: Fighter

Andrew Breitbart died a year ago today, March 1. I drew this within a half hour of hearing the news early that morning. His first response to an email I sent him was " I LOVE PIGMAN!" Made my day. I ended up creating cartoons for his Big Hollywood website until I had a falling out with the editor over our different responses to the Fort Hood Massacre. I contacted Andrew to see where we stood after that break, and while he didn't like what happened, in particular my calling out Big Hollywood's weak response to the Fort Hood Massacre in the comments section of BH, he was willing to talk it out. Even though I saw him in person a number of times, I regret that we never got a chance to really talk it out, so I could explain to him why I felt as strongly as I did about Fort Hood. He was a Fighter through and through and the moment I heard he died, I knew that FIGHTER would be the point of my illustration of him. This piece ended being auctioned off on Greg Gutfeld's FOX News show Red Eye for $5000 which went to Breitbart's Children's Fund.

"But I Didn't Do Anything!" - #BarackBenghaziObama

Obama needs to pay for what he didn't do. The fourth cartoon of my AWOL series at Front Page Magazine was just published. Check out the full cartoon by clicking the cropped image below.