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Truth, Justice, Profit, & the American Way. My latest at FrontPageMagazine.com. 
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Over 1000 Comments for my piece, Calling Islam "Islam" … so far

I've noticed that more people are at least open to the possibility (fact) that it's Islam, not some alleged deviant form of it, that's behind all the horror going on in the world, and the response to my piece confirms it. There's something about the jihadist attack in Boston, that, outside of the scumedia, has struck a particular chord with Americans, one that is making us a little less tolerant of all the Islamicrap getting in the way of our understanding of the threat we face. The Muslim commentators to my article are doing what they always do when the truth about Islam hits; lie their asses off about their religion, to themselves and to others. I love that my piece has struck up a series conversation about the name game we're playing with Islam. I have, for Years, called Islam by its name, despite having friends and allies who use their own pet terms to my disappointment. Not saying Islam only helps Islam, and protects it from the condemnation it deserves. If you haven't read my piece yet, read it and come to your own conclusion. I think I've made as good an argument as I can make about why we should call Islam Islam, but if you disagree, make your counter-argument and let's keep this conversation going until I win, which means we All win. :)

UPDATE: Comments are currently at 1232 and going.
UPDATE: Now at 1399.
UPDATE: 1547

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"islaMist" the Point

I reject the terms "Islamism", "Islamist". I choose to use the proper terms Islam, Jihad, Sharia Law, Muslim, Jihadist, etc., when dealing with all things Islam. And I do so in order to not get into the business of pretending that it's any kind of extra form of Islam that would spread it politically. Islam is a political religion & it was spread by Muslims for centuries before the word "Islamist" entered the scene. The separation of Mosque and State is unheard of in the Muslim world. This is Orthodox Islam, Not "Islamism". The word "Islamism" suggests that this is a new phenomenon, it's Not. The world's premier "Islamist" group (those who we are told want to spread Islam politically, as if that's not already part of Islam's DNA) is The Muslim Brotherhood, NOT The "islamist" Brotherhood. We need to stay on Point. And so it's crayon time again.

My Most Popular Piece

Over at Front Page Magazine, I reposted an older, but still relevant piece of mine titled Calling Islam  "Islam" and at the moment it has 520 comments. I'm glad to see an issue that I've been a stickler for has gotten attention. UPDATE: there are n0w 719 comments. UPDATE 2: Thanks, Robert Spencer, for sharing the post at Jihad Watch.

UPDATE:  918 comments and counting. 1,1000 likes, 178 tweets, 246 shares. Thanks to all who contributed to giving the issue the attention I think it deserves.

UPDATE: 1000 comments reached.

LAST UPDATE: 1215 comments and going...

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Islam: -F̶e̶w̶e̶r̶- Less Syllables, More Truth

Even Bill O'Reilly Is Getting Tired Of CAIR

CAIR being the "Council for American Islamic Relations", the terrorist front group posing as a "civil rights group". Not surprising that there are five former members of CAIR in prison today for terrorism-related charges. One of the reasons I can't watch Bill O'Reilly is because he's allowed CAIR a platform on his popular show for far too many years now. To think he hasn't cared to find out what CAIR is really about is almost scary, but typical for far too many today. But it looks like, after the Boston Jihadist massacre, O'Reilly is losing patience with CAIR. In chapter one of my graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, I have Pigman's cartoonist creator, Killian Duke, on the Bo Reilly show on OX News, and in the middle of their talk, Reilly brings in a member of "Your Muslim Friends", a stand in for CAIR, or as Killian calls them, "YMF'ers". Read the relevant section from The Infidel…

….And now watch this, from the other night.

Slowly but surely, over a decade after 9/11/01, O'Reilly might just find out the truth about CAIR and their religion and never have them back on his show again. Or maybe not. Either way, it's good to see him start to see through their bs for once. 

Monday, April 22, 2013

Muslims Protest Against Jihad?

Here's a list of all the upcoming "Muslims Against Jihad" protests going on around the world...
Check out my most popular piece on Islam-
Calling Islam "Islam"

The Islam Bomb

The Islam Bomb is always there, waiting to be lit by a Muslim with the will to kill. My latest at Front Page Magazine on the Boston atrocity. Click cropped image to see my entire post/cartoon.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Breaking Jihad

Pigman's pigskin-leather gloved fist, showing the enemy the terror of their ways. 

Pig Government Chris Christie Needs Food Control

Days after Obama failed to further weaken the second amendment under the guise of "saving lives", Pig Government Ruth's Chris Christie, who routinely slobbers over Obama as if he's food, announced that he's going to be pushing hard for gun control in NJ. I think NewJerseyans should be calling for Food Control for him. Here are my other posts of the populist pig.

scumedia - "we have no idea what the motive is(lam)"

The first things everyone thought right after news hit of the Boston marathon terrorist attack was "Islam", "Muslims" and "Jihad", and even muslims and leftists thought that, which is why they've spent the last few days praying that it was some non-Muslim or non-leftist terrorist. The terrorists, as are 99.9% of terrorists, ended up being Muslims, and NO one is shocked. No One. What kind of people would "hope" that the most unlikely people would be behind such a horrific thing as the Boston massacre? The scum of the earth.

From Chechnya to Boston

The scumbag terrorists who butchered Americans at the Boston marathon ended up being what even Muslims and Leftists thought they'd be, Muslims. But these particular Scumuslims are Chechen, which brought to my mind one of the most horrific acts of terror ever, the Beslan Massacre. Here's what I wrote and drew about that a few years ago:

It’s been eight years since the Beslan Massacre – what some have referred to as Russia’s 9/11 – where over 1,000 men, women and children were taken hostage at a school for three days. In the end, nearly 400 of them were murdered, 156 of whom were children. Below are the actual words of once innocent children, some who were as young as 7 at the time they spoke them. They've been forever been scarred by Islam’s jihad.

Obama's Anti-American Dream Comes True

My latest at Front Page Magazine. It's gotten to the point where if it’s bad for America, it’s good for Obama and vice-versa. Click cropped image to view my entire cartoon/post.

Pigman Fan Art

Check out the 3 drawings below by Pigman fans, and send in your own. I always enjoy seeing different interpretations of my character, it's just plain fun to look at.whether done by artists or non-artists.

This one's by Paul Hair

This one's by Rob Cooke

And this one's by Thomas Eiden

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What Makes #BarackBenghaziObama Angry?

My latest at Front Page Magazine, about how Obama, in his reactions to events, reveals the truth he's been trying to hide about what he really feels about America and Americans. Click cropped image for my full post/cartoon.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

THE INFIDEL #1 & 2 are now available on THE digital comic book reading app, COMIXOLOGY

UPDATE: The Infidel is also available on Amazon Kindle here.

I'm happy to announce that my serialized graphic novel, THE INFIDEL, featuring PIGMAN, can now be read on the COMIXOLOGY digital comic book reading app. The app has an option to isolate and zoom in on each panel separately while reading. I've been reading most of my comics on their app in the last year and it's Great to see my work on it. Kudos to Comixology for accepting a book that's been rejected by all editors and publishers I approached. Hopefully by it being on the popular app, it will lead to a larger audience for the book and I can finally get the third issue out sooner than later. You can download The Comixology App and read THE INFIDEL on your iPad or eBook reader of your choice, or even on your iPhone. Or you can simply download THE INFIDEL at this link and read it on your desktop. If you get a copy, please leave ratings in the ratings option, I really want to give The Infidel the best shot I can at making it a viable series. In the end, I want to finish the 6 to 7 chapters and ultimately collect them all in a pigskin-leather bound full graphic novel as I always intended it to be. 

Here's a short description of my story:

THE INFIDEL is about twin brothers Killian Duke and Salaam Duka whose Muslim background comes to the forefront of their lives on 9/11. It's Recovered Muslim vs Born Again Muslim. Killian responds to the atrocity by creating an ex-Muslim counter-jihad superhero comic book called PIGMAN, as Salaam fully surrenders to Islam. Pigman's battle against his archenemy SuperJihad is echoed by the escalating conflict between the twins.

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My Illustration for Liberate Liberty

Here's a commission I did a short while ago for the website Liberate Liberty. My illustration accompanies a story that can be read at the website.

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